July 30, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

$15m ICO Founder Joins The Board, Monetha Now Integrates with ANY Ecommerce Website, & We’re Off To Switzerland | #ICOWeekInReview 005

Monetha ICO Week 5… $15m ICO founder joins the board, Monetha now integrates with any Ecommerce website, & we are off to Switzerland.

Quick Version

  • 00:08 – [Reminder] Just 31 days left until the Monetha Crowdsale
  • 00:28 – CryptoCoinNews covers announcement of newest team members
  • 00:53 – Successful ICO founder joins the Monetha Advisory Board
  • 01:52 – Monetha now integrates with ANY Ecommerce website
  • 02:11 – The Monetha Road show heads to Zug, Switzerland


Hello Monetha followers, Justas here, and this is a week in review number 5.

This is the 5th week of Monetha’s ICO campaign, and we are approaching our token sale which is, again, the 31st August – the last day of summer.  31 days is left up until out token sale so every day counts, and we want to keep you updated about our progress.

The newest addition to our team.  The biggest addition of our team of Eric Duprat, the former PayPal executive and Jean-Marc Seigneur, an influential person on online trust and reputation, have joined Monetha.  And this has been written about in Crypto Coin News article.  Read that article to know more about these two additions of Monetha’s team and how they will help us deliver our mission.

And talking about new team additions, we wanted to also announce that we’re adding a new advisor to our advisory board.  This is a person who will really help elevate Monetha’s ICO, because he has done a huge ICO – a very successful one, you’ve probably heard about it – the Mysterium Network which raised 15 million in under 45 minutes.  His name is Robertas Visinskis, and not only does he have a big knowledge in ICOs and how to do that from a security stand point, and implementation stand point, but also he had a Trust Tribe startup about online trust and reputation that he had for 2 years.  So his knowledge is not only in ICOs, but also in trust and reputation which will help to supplement the knowledge of Jean-Marc Seigneur on our Decentralised Trust and Reputation System (DTRS™).

We want Monetha followers to get used to the fact that we are promising and we are delivering.  So as I promised last week, a new software development update was delivered this week.  A single button integration, A.K.A. “Buy Now” button was developed.  So that means that if you have an Ecommerce store which is custom built you can integrate with Monetha and receive Ether payments.

Next week the Monetha team will be travelling to Switzerland.  More specifically, the Silicon Valley of crypto in Europe, Zug.  We’ll be having meetings with potential investors, the community, and people who are interested in crypto.  We’ll be participating in events, so if you are in Zug from the 1st August to the 3rd August, feel free to drop us an email at team [at] monetha [dot] io and we’ll be more than glad to have coffee with you and discuss the possibilities of Monetha’s ICO – and the further mission of Monetha.

This is the news from the 5th week of Monetha’s ICO campaign.

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So, see you next week and bye bye.


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