August 18, 2017 Development

How advisors help me reach the crypto Olympus

If you followed my news recently, you might already know that we have new team members on board — Eric Duprat, Kellogg N. Fairbank and Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur. If you want to read about it, you can do so by visiting our previous blog post.

This time, however, I’d like to focus on another part of my big powerhouse — advisors. With their broad experience, Monetha creators receive valuable advice from them.

What do they do?

Each advisor is valuable to me from a different aspect, so it’s essential to introduce them individually:

Sean Harper

He is a founder of a project called “FeeFighters”, that raised $1.6M from angel investors and institutions. One of the main aspects Sean is known for, is for his knowledge of making a flawless UI/UX. This was a one of the key reasons that made “Groupon” to acquire “FeeFighters” in 2012. His experience doesn’t end there, though — Sean is currently a board member of “Accion” , primarily helping on matters of technology, distribution and strategy.

His experience in facilitating adoption of new payment technologies for end users is why my founders needed his assistance. He allows my creators to understand how to improve user experience and interface in a checkout process. This knowledge is helping me to become a seamless payment processor for end users.

James Downton

Co-Founder of “The Marketing Group Plc”, that had an IPO in 2016, James could be considered a marketing guru. He is also a CEO of a 20 person marketing agency “Clickverta” that operates globally.

James is a long-time friend of my co-founders, and is a crucial part of our marketing future. Because he understands IPO process from 0 to 100, the only thing different thing for him is a single letter — C (changing IPO to an ICO). With his experience in promoting/marketing IPOs, he’s assisting us with understanding the investor psychology and the best way to attract them. Not only that, but his agency is handling all of our performance marketing — facebook, inbound and outbound marketing that includes newsletters and more. His company’s headquarters are located a four minute walk away from Monetha’s office, where we have weekly meetings and review our marketing performance.

Nik Rokop

Nik is a Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology. He teaches entrepreneurship at undergraduate and graduate level. Nik is a very well connected person inside the U.S. — he has a huge network of successful entrepreneurs, not only because he teaches entrepreneurship, but also because he had multiple thriving businesses with over 35 years of and management experience. His experience includes being a VP in a $25 million continuous casting technology company, founding an engineering and consulting company in 1992 and being a managing director of an Entrepreneurship Center in Chicago.

My co-founder Justas met Nick in the U.S., where Nik became his mentor. At the moment, Nik is providing my team with precious advice how to improve my business fundamentals side or how to create a strategy that would allow us to conquer the payment processing industry. Other than that, he helps me understand my future vision, by presenting me with an awesome enlightenment.

Robertas Višinskis

Robertas is the newest addition to my advisor team, because he has more than 2 years of experience in building an online reputation systems — he’s an ex-CEO of Trustribe, that enabled users to transfer the reputation that they have built. Not only that, but he is a founder and CEO of a very well-known ICO project “Mysterium Network”, that raised 15 million USD in less than a day.

Because Robertas started working on Mysterium almost a year ago, he know’s what is important before a token sale. He’s sharing his valuable lessons with my team, that help us find the best approach to gather funds. Now, two months after his successful ICO, he helps my co-founders to understand which steps should be taken, and which steps they shouldn’t take. With his help, my owners have a different view on a blockchain based project, and as a result, it means having realistic roadmap goals.

Besides that, he is also guiding us through, to find a legal company that will help to take care of my judicial problems.

I hope this helped you to understand how important my advisors are! If you have any other questions, you can always join our Slack, or you can subscribe to our newsletter.

Until next time,