July 9, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Another 2 Big ICO Lists, We Explain The Difference Between Us And Other Payment ICOs, & MVP Nears It’s Public Release Date | #ICOWeekInReview #002

Monetha ICO Week 2… Another 2 big ICO lists, we explain the difference between us and other payment ICOs, & MVP nears it’s public release date.

Quick Version

  • 00:09 – Monetha gets listed on another 2 big lists
  • 00:23 – More media coverage from 4 huge Blockchain media outlets
  • 00:44 – The difference between Monetha, TokenCard, TenX, and Monaco
  • 01:15 – MVP nears public release date


Hello everyone, this is Justas from Monetha and this is the review of Monetha’s second week.

We’re really glad that we’re picking up on the progress that we got listed on 2 very big lists.  One of them is Coin Telegraph ICO list, and one of the biggest ones is the ICO countdown.

We’re also very excited that we got media coverage from one of the biggest blockchain media outlets there is, Blockchain News.  Also Bit Connect, Fintech Lab, BTCoin.  So these huge media outlets are not the only ones who are clicking on the keyboard and writing interesting articles.  We also released our Medium blog post which writes about the question that we got a lot.

Since receiving a lot of interest from these media outlets, they brought a lot of people who were interested in Monetha’s technology – and of course they have natural questions.  One of the most common question was, “How are we different from other payment ICOs like TenX, Monaco, and TokenCard?”.  Trust me, we are very different.  So if you want to find out how, check out our new Medium blog post.

And, the most important thing is left for the last segment, which is our Minimal Viable Product.  We are going to release it really soon. Of course, a lot of people are really anxious waiting for the MVP because they saw the demonstration in the video, they were reading the White Paper where the MVP was described, and it will be released really soon.  Everything is ready, but we want to make sure it will be working flawlessly – the integration for Ecommerce merchants, with the first version of our Decentralised Trust and Reputation System.

So it’s worth the wait, please bare with me, it will be released really really soon.  The team is working hard on delivering that.

So this is it for this week.  We really want to thank you for all of the attention that we’re getting on BitCoin talk, Slack, we’re getting emails from people who are really interested in this technology, we’re getting positive feedback.  So, any questions that you have, use your favourite social media platform and they will be answered fast, and in a detailed manner.

So see you next week, and bye bye.


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