May 21, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Brand Awareness and Networking at Consensus/Conferences/Blogs | #WeekInReview048

Quick version

0:06 – Monetha Co-Founders share their experience of Consensus Conference
1:27 – Interview with Monetha’s CTO – Andrej about Consensus
3:15 – “Future without cash” conference and discussion panel
3:30 – “Sales formula” conference
3:58 – “Bugs’a’loud conference
4:17 – Five things to adopt before selling online blog
4:22 – Because, it looked “too good to be true” blog


It’s Monetha’s Week In Review, and it’s number – 48.

So, as You may already know, last week was a big week for blockchain community. The biggest event of the year, called Consensus was happening in New York City and all of the three co-founders – Justas, Andrej and Laurynas were participating in that. Let us show You a little bit of a feedback and footage from New York City.

(At the Consensus conference in New York City)

Justas: So, Monetha followers, we are here at Consensus, the blockchain week in New York, together with me, Laurynas our CPO and Andrej our CTO.
How was the conference for you guys?

Laurynas: Pretty well, I mean like, amazing speakers regarding such topics, like Security, Scalability, people are talking about how to solve those problems, so, so far – awesome!

Andrej: Yeah, also, like, great samples of good applications, how they can be used, how to make those applications to be used mainstream, so yeah, good vibes and lots of interesting talks…

Justas: and most importantly, a lot of interesting people and connections, a lot of people that we already know, a lot of people that are stopping us and saying that we are doing a great job with Monetha, so, thanks and “Hi!” to those people!

(Interview at the Software Development Office in Vilnius, Lithuania)

Justas: So, when it comes to Consensus, not only we have made meaningful connections with potential partners, but also got some takeaways, got some insights from New York City’s conference.
So, here with me to share them with you is our CTO, Andrej and I would like to ask, Andrej, what are your major takeaways from this conference?

Andrej: Well, the conference was great, it was a good vibe and lots of great, knowledgeable people, both on technical sides and business sides, so all of these conversations went good. And also, one of the takeaways that more and more companies and people appear and try to develop applications for mass market adoption. So, not only the crypto, where people would be able to use and leverage the benefits of this technology and also, with this comes the other thing that more people understand the limitations of this technology, current limitations of this technology and they find ways with side chains and other means to find a balance of what type of application to deliver, in order to leverage the benefits of the technology. So, all in all, it was a really interesting and good to have all of these conversations and bring some insights for our case, like what to do further, so, now we are back to work and we want to deliver our next version of the update of our application soon, so yeah.

Justas: And it’s safe to say that we have met potential tech partners, in which we can collaborate and share research and share some work, so, all in all, very useful for us and we’re very glad that our CTO found some time to come to New York!

Andrej: Yeah, it was a nice time!

(End of the interview)

Right after we landed from New York, we spoke at three different events, the first one was called “Future without cash”, so in that event we talked about cashless societies, how we’re implementing crypto payments and how we are using blockchain technology.
The second event was called “Sales formula”, in which a lot of sales executives, very experienced sales people we’re participating and speaking, but the star of the event was, of course, Jordan Belfort a.k.a. The Wolf of Wall Street. We, in no shape or form support his actions or history, it’s just that he attracted a lot of interesting people to this event in which we had an opportunity to network with.
The third event was more technical, in which our QA Engineer – Liudas was speaking and he was talking about, how we are implementing Ethereum’s blockchain into our product. So, all in all, a lot of exposure for Monetha in these physical events.

We’re continuing educating our community about the importance of Trust and Reputation and what needs to be done, in order to make a sale in e-commerce. That is a transition to when our public product will be released and we want to educate our crowd as much as possible about the importance of identity, the importance of the Trust and Reputation platforms, so, if you want to be more intact of what’s happening in this industry, check our blog.

Alright guys, this is it for this week, I will see you in seven days in the next Monetha’s Week In Review. Best of luck and bye-bye!