January 15, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Business Trip to Middle East/MVP Update/New Advisor! | #WeekInReview030

Quick Version

0:08 – Business meetings in the Middle East
0:35New Blog Series and “How to avoid Pump and Dump schemes” video
1:37Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to be released this Friday
2:01 – Monetha’s new advisor – Mr. Ayumu Kodama


Welcome Monetha’s followers, you are watching Monetha’s Week in Review number 30.

Last week, Monetha’s co-founders visited Middle East, if you want to find out what was the purpose of the trip, watch this video.

(At International Dubai Airport)

Andrej: Hello guys, reporting from Dubai.

Laurynas: Laurynas, Justas and Andrej is here.

Justas: All the co-founders, very important business meetings in Middle East, as Dubai, UAE and other countries in the Middle East is a very important territory to us. So, just wanted to give a quick shout-out to our community.

Andrej: See you soon!

(At Software Development Office in Vilnius)

Justas: As always, Monetha is providing quality content when it comes to our technology and organization. And also about the industries that we’re in. So, when it comes to Monetha’s organization, we released a new segment of blogs, in which we are interviewing our team members. So, last week, the first member that we have interviewed was Erikas Mališauskas, who is our Design Lead. And in that interview we spoke about what is his background in design and what is the philosophy behind his work. So, when it comes to Monetha’s industries that we are in, we’re releasing these educational videos, in which we’re talking about the cryptocurrency industry, about blockchain, about mobile payments and Trust and Reputation. So, last week, we released a video about Pump and Dump schemes and how to avoid them. So, anybody that is in the cryptocurrency industry should watch that video and be very cautious of the Pump and Dump schemes.

Don’t forget, that this Friday, the 19th of January, we are releasing our update of our Minimal Viable Product, which is going to lay the foundation to what is going to be our first product release on the 31st of March. To know more about what technical specifications are going to be updated, please view our blog, which is in the description below.

And the last piece of news that we want to share with our community this week is that we have a new advisor, his name is Ayumu Kodama, he’s from Japan, he is a serial entrepreneur who has an extensive background in marketing and in e-commerce. So, when it comes to the knowledge of the Japanese market and the Asian market in general, Ayumu Kodama carries a big knowledge in that and it is going to be very beneficial for us, as Monetha is approaching East. So, the whole team is super excited to have this person as an advisor, so we want to welcome you, Kodama-san, into our advisory board.

This is it for this week, for the 30th Monetha’s Week in Review and we will see you in seven days with more news and announcements in Monetha’s Week in Review.

Thank you very much for your attention and bye-bye.