October 30, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Business trips/meetups/conferences in Europe | #WeekInReview019

Quick Version

0:06 – Last week, Monetha’s Strategic Summit was held
0:25 – Business traveling took place in Zug, Amsterdam, Vilnius
1:59 – Entrepreneur.com has listed Monetha as a top 10 most creative coin


Hello dear followers, welcome to Monetha’s Week in Review number 19.

As you may already know, last week we held Monetha’s Strategic Summit, in which everybody who’s important to Monetha has visited Monetha’s Software Development Office in Vilnius, Lithuania. We had very fruitful strategic sessions and we’re very eager to present the news in the near future.

A lot of traveling in Europe has taken place last week, we went to Zug (Switzerland), also visited Amsterdam (Netherlands), for a few days, in which we held a meet-up of our community. More than 80 people showed up of MTH community in TQ’s headquarters in which, for example, Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO has spoken a few weeks earlier, also Stripe CEO has spoken there, so we’re very happy to meet our community in person, talk with them, discuss the future of Monetha.

We’re going to travel in many cities to do, as we call it, a triple benefit for Monetha, so we’re going to participate in conferences and develop relationships there, also develop meet-ups in those cities, for example, very soon we’re traveling to London, also Tokyo, so in addition to that, the third benefit is the partnerships and and business development that is taking place together with those business trips. So, as I mentioned, Triple Benefit.

Also, together with that, the next day, we’ve travelled to Vilnius in which we’ve participated in a big big conference, called Smart Lithuania, in which we spoke about our ICO journey and the vision of Monetha. So, a lot of promotion, a lot of evangelism is taking place, but as mentioned, together, there’s a lot of substance behind that, as we’re making business development decisions and trips, together with the conferences.

Also, last week, Monetha was featured in one of the biggest online publications, in terms of business, called Entrepreneur.com, as top 10 most creative coins together with Bancor, ShapeShift, Circle and others. We’re very happy for this coverage, if you want to read this article, it’s in the description below.

So, we want to thank you, the Monetha community for watching these weekly updates, we’re going to continue those to update our community on the progress that we’re making every week and next week, it’s going to be almost an anniversary of the 20th episode of Monetha’s Week in Review.

So, see you next week. Bye-Bye.