May 7, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Collision/App Early Access Public!/Internal Strategic Summit/Interview/NY | #WeekInReview046

Quick Version

0:07 – At the Collision Conference
1:12 – Growth Summit Panel Discussion
1:25 – Backstage of Collision Conference
1:41 – Monetha’s networking and Founders Summit
2:46 – Monetha’s Early Access to Mobile App is Public
3:09 – Monetha held an Internal Strategic Summit
3:21 – Interview with Monetha’s Intern | Siegfried
3:35 – Monetha is in New York for blockchain conferences


Hi Monetha followers, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 46.

(At the Collision Conference, New Orleans)

So, here we are at the Collision conference, the fastest growing conference in North America. 25000+ people are expected to show up over the next three days of this conference.

If You would see the banner there, You would see companies sponsoring this event, companies like Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, KPMG, and many others.

Monetha has been invited to speak at this event and is one of the very few companies that they have invited that is only one year old. One more thing is that with names like Brad Smith, Al Gore, Joseph Lubin, Monetha’s panel is at this moment the number eight panel by registrations. This just shows the relevance of what we are creating.

(From panel discussion)

“You don’t own your reputation online and how we want to empower the sellers, the merchants online is give them the universal passport for their reputation that would be transferable through other platforms.”

(After panel discussion, backstage)

This conference has a lot of value to Monetha, we have a lot of contacts from here, a lot of business development. The amount of interest for the blockchain technology, for Trust and Reputation systems is very big.

(At the hotel)

So, the trip to New Orleans, to the Collision conference was very useful for us, it gave us the opportunity to meet people like Joseph Lubin, Tim Draper, Stephen Wolfram and many others. So, in addition to that, in addition to meeting a lot of journalists, in addition to having business meetings and speaking at two different panel discussions, Collision conference also personally invited Monetha to Founders summit. Founders summit is a very interesting concept, where only personally invited people can go and you meet the best of the best tech founders in this summit. So, they don’t actually provide the names who was participating in the conference, well this is kept confidential, but the last year and previous year participants included people like Elon Musk, Larry Page and Sergei Brin the co-founders of Google, Jack Dorsey and many others. So, this was a really eye opening experience in terms of our networking and very useful when it comes to business relationships.

One more important piece of news that has come this time from the Lithuanian office, Software Development Office is that now, our Beta product is now open to the public. So, previously, only the token holders could access our application, but now if You insert Your email, we will send You the invite to our app. You can do that, the link is in the description below.

We held an Internal Strategic Summit, I cannot really expose a lot of things that we have talked about, for obvious reasons, but we have synched up both, on our short term and long term goals and our vision.

I want to give a shout out to our intern – Siegfried who has done a wonderful job at Monetha’s office. If You want to learn more about him, we have released an interview with him, the link is as always in the description below.

So, the last thing that I want to announce on this Monetha’s Week In Review is that Monetha’s team is traveling to New York, so if You are a blockchain enthusiast, You already know the reason. From the 10th of May, blockchain week in New York is starting, so Monetha’s team is traveling here, we’re going to meet a lot of peers, a lot of people, a lot of our contacts in the blockchain industry, so this is going to be not only useful but also very exciting. So, we’re also want to make it exciting for You, Monetha is already in New York and if You live in New York or in the near states, we welcome You to meet us. All You have to do is shoot us an email at [email protected] or any social media platform that we are active in.

So, it was, as always, a pleasure to be speaking to You, hopefully we will see You in New York and the next time we will see You in seven days in the next Monetha’s Week In Review.

Thank You for Your attention and bye-bye!