September 21, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Competing With Amazon & Wix, BDR Roles Get Offered To The Asia Talent Pool, & Chinese Regulation Turmoil | #ICOWeekInReview 013

Monetha ICO Week 013… HR begin competing with amazon & wix for top talent, DBR roles get offered to the Asia talent pool, & chinese regulation turmoil?

Quick Version

  • 00:20 – Competing with Amazon & Wix for developers
  • 00:53 – Update on the move to our new offices
  • 01:07 – BDR roles offered to top across Asia
  • 01:24 – [Answered] Did Chinese regulation affect progress?
  • 02:08 – How we’re dealing with the ups and downs of ETH


Hello Monetha’s followers. This is Monetha’s week in review, number 13.

So the turtle neck is back. You haven’t seen it since the first video that Monetha has provided with our website, and in this week we want to talk about the internal progress that we’re making at Monetha.

First of all, I want to talk about team building. We’re building a team of software developers in central Europe, which is a hub for very talented software developers. In order for us to acquire the top tier programmers, we have to compete with companies like Amazon and Wix and provide them with high salaries, competitive salaries together with financial incentives. So this is being done as we’re building a top-notch developers team. And this is happening in Vilnius, Lithuania as I mentioned, a very strong hub for software talent.

We’re also moving to a new office. As our team expands, we have to go into bigger space and as soon as we will move to a new office, we will give you a tour around it.

So as the software development team is being built, also the business development team is being built together with sales for people who will be present in south-east Asia. So have in mind that we are hiring and we are hiring the top talent in the world.

I know that everybody is expecting for us to hit the exchanges as soon as possible but I wanted to give you a bit of a boost of confidence by saying that this is the place that we are allocating a lot of resources at, and we have … Because now the exchanges have, I would say … they proceed with caution when it comes to new ICOs, because of the regulation, because of the rumours in the news that came that China is banning all the exchanges, they are proceeding with caution. But we have an upper hand because we structured our token model in a way that it wouldn’t be treated as a security. So it is only a matter of time before we hit a major exchange.

When it comes to the exchanges, you probably have seen, of course it is as the day we are recording this video, the cryptocurrency market is still red, but I would say that the best way to mitigate that fear or uncomfortableness would be to read our blog, which we wrote about the theory in price and the volatility of it, and how it affects Monetha both negatively and positively. So this is the blog that we have published on Thursday, so I highly recommend you to read that.

As I mentioned, the internal progress of Monetha is software development team, business development team, attacking hard at the exchanges, expanding into our new office and as every week we ill give you a progress update on Monetha’s development. And if you have any questions, as always, as we did pre-ICO and as we do post-ICO, feel free to contact us whether that will be email, whether that would be telegram, Slack, whichever the social media platform is the most comfortable to you.

And I will see you next week on the weekly review to Monetha. Bye bye.