March 26, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Conferences/Educational Video/New Product Website Launch/Product Release | #WeekInReview040

Quick version

0:10 – Spoke in Vilnius University to spread the awareness of Monetha’s brand amongst the best talent.
0:42 – Spoke in the biggest conference in Baltic States – “EBIT”, in front of 850 CEOs.
1:04 – Educational video about why we chose classified ad marketplaces for our first target market.
1:25 – Interview with Laurynas, Co-Founder/Product of Monetha, speaking about Token Holder access to Monetha’s Mobile App; New Product Website; Product Launch


Hello Monetha followers and welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 40, and it is a big one.

So, before we share the big news, we also want to reflect on what happened over the last seven days. So, we have spoken in two different conferences.

One of them was happening in Vilnius University, where they prepare software engineers. It was very important for us to participate there, as we are implementing our presence in Lithuanian universities, so that people, the students, the very best talent that comes out of there knows Monetha’s brand and this is a part of our Educational Institutions Tour.

The Second conference that we have participated was called “EBIT” and it is a CEO conference where 850 CEOs participated and actually it is the biggest of the Baltic States. And in this conference we spoke about the blockchain technology, what are the challenges upcoming and how we are implementing blockchain.

This week, we have released only one piece of content but it is a very important one, because in this one we are talking about “Why we chose classified ad marketplaces as our first target market?”. We’re speaking about what is the dynamics of the classified ad marketplaces and how we are going to disrupt them.

(Interview with Co-Founder/Product Laurynas)

Justas: So, now as promised, off to the main news and for them to be announced I brought in our Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Monetha – Laurynas.

So, Laurynas, tell our audience more, what they can expect in the next seven days.

Laurynas: Thank you Justas and hello everyone! So, team is working hard and we have some amazing news for you guys to announce.

There are three main things:

1. Tomorrow, we are launching a Google Form, which is basically an access for you to prove that you are a Monetha token holder. If you do that, you’ll be able to get an access to Monetha’s application for your Android or iOS device.

2. Together with that, at the end of the week, we’re launching a new product website, which is basically a better form for you to understand Monetha’s product and value proposition for buyer and for seller.

3. And of course, the most amazing thing that is happening on Saturday, March 31st is the launch of the new application with which you’ll be able to buy and sell stuff on classified ad marketplaces. Just be more secure and protected and of course, build up your reputation, which you’ll be able to share across platforms, whenever you’re selling or buying.

Justas: Yeah, so these three amazing things: The first one is the on-boarding Google Form with which you’ll be whitelisted for the access to the application. The second thing is the product website and the third, the most important one, the product itself.

So Saturday, the 31st of March, mark your calendars!!

(End of the interview)

This is it for this week, it’s the 40th Monetha’s Week In Review, it is an anniversary and it is symbolic, since we’re releasing our product on the 31st of March. Product that you have been waiting for and that we have been working on for a long long time, so your feedback is very appreciated. The next time I will see you, Monetha’s app will be live and it is very exciting.

I will see you very soon, thank you so much for your attention and bye-bye!