April 30, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Conferences/Meetups/Q&A with Monetha Advisor/Head of Ledger Lab Interview | #WeekInReview045

Quick Version

0:18 – Monetha spoke at the Ministry of Finance about the blockchain technology
0:32 – Monetha spoke at the Crypto Capital World Summit conference
1:05 – Monetha held two Community Meetups in Chicago, Illinois
1:33 – Live Q&A with Monetha’s Advisor – Nik Rokop
1:45 – Monetha will participate in Collision conference, New Orleans, Louisiana
1:52 – Monetha will participate in the conference – Founders
1:59 – Interview with the Head of Distributed Ledger Lab – Tomas.


Hello Monetha friends, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 45.

So, as mentioned last week, Monetha starts its roadshow and two of the stops are already done. The first one was in Vilnius, Lithuania, where we spoke at two different conferences. The first show was at the Ministry of Finance of Lithuania in which we spoke about the future of cryptocurrencies and the future of the blockchain technology together with the authorities of Lithuanian government.
The second stop was at the event, called “Crypto Capital World Summit”.

(At the Crypto Capital World Summit conference)

Host: Might not sound like a very pleasant question but i think you will be very ok to answer that.

Some people say, Monetha is a scam.

Justas: I welcome that person to come into our office and see if we’re scam or not.

Interviewer: And also, i don’t think you would show up if you were a scammer. You wouldn’t be here.

(At the Software Development Office)

The second stop was happening at Chicago, Illinois, where we held two different Monetha community meet-ups. Together with our advisor – Nik Rokop, who’s a professor at Illinois Institute of Technology, we spoke about Monetha’s technology, about Monetha’s future and answered all of the questions that our community had. Special thanks to Illinois Institute of Technology for helping us to organize this event.

And, by the way, we also held a live Q&A with our advisor – Nik Rokop. The link of this video is in the description below.

Two stops are already done, the third one is very important to us that’s happening in New Orleans, Louisiana. The highest growing tech conference in the United States – Collision and Founders.

More information about these conferences are in the description below.

(Interview with Head of Distributed Ledger Lab)

Justas: This time, I want to personally introduce you to a very important person in our company, his name is Tomas Kazragis and he is the Head of Distributed Ledger Lab. So, Tomas, tell our community a little bit more about your background and how you came about of Monetha.

Tomas: So, hi everyone. Actually, i used to work with Andrej, a CTO of Monetha previously. My main interests are distributed systems, immutability and various automation in IT technologies. So, he (Andrej) just simply told about his idea of expanding Monetha’s technology stack by introducing private and permissioned distributed ledger technologies.

Justas: And, what’s the idea behind the distributed ledger lab of Monetha, how that’s going to help our product?

Tomas: So, basically, at the moment, distributed ledger technologies, they have a lot of questionable areas, like I mentioned, whether it should be private or public, permissioned or permissionless. How we going are going to scale it and cope with high loads. So, basically, those are the main challenges that I’m willing and interested to solve here.

Justas: Yeah, these are big challenges, but we have a very strong professional behind it, so, best of luck to you, Tomas!

Tomas: Thank you!

(End of the interview)

These are the news that we have accumulated over the last seven days, I will see you next week in Monetha’s Week In Review.

Thank you for your attention and bye-bye!