June 18, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Conferences/Mobile App Update #2/Interviews | #WeekInReview052

Quick Version

0:10 – Monetha participated in three conferences
1:10 – Monetha released Mobile App Update #2
1:23 – Interview with Monetha’s Customer Support Manager | Ruta
1:38 – Interview with Digital Marketing Specialist | Julius


Hi Monetha friends, users, token holders and supporters, this is Monetha’s Week In Review number 52.

Monetha has once again visited UK and besides the business meetings and interviews, we participated in three different conferences. Two of them were happening in Dublin, Ireland.

(At the MoneyConf and MoneyX conferences)

Here we are at the world famous MoneyConf, representing Monetha amongst many other big big companies who are in the payment space. So, fintech, payments, this has been one of the major keywords lurking around MoneyConf for the last few years and this year it’s the blockchain technology and a lot of companies are interested how trust and reputation correlates with payments and that is exactly what Monetha is doing. Best regards from Dublin!

(At the Software Development Office)

The second city was London and the third conference was called “Founders Forum”. “Founders Forum” attracts the best founders and CEOs from the world famous tech companies. A very, almost a secretive conference, which is invite only and Monetha has participated and had the honor of networking in “Founders Forum”.

Internally, from the Lithuanian Software Development Office we also have some news, one of them is weekly, every Thursday we push out an app update, this time, making the app better with tweaks and fixes.

Another thing that I want to also announce is that we have provided the interview with our Customer Support Manager and her name is Ruta. More about her background and why she came to work for Monetha is in the description below.

(Interview with Digital Marketing Specialist – Julius)

Justas: So, Monetha followers, one more premiere of a major role that we have hired in Monetha’s company and this time, it’s Julius who’s our Digital Marketing Specialist. So, Julius, tell our audience a little bit more about yourself, about your professional background.

Julius: Well, I was always interested in two fields: Startups and marketing, that’s why I finished my Bachelor and Master’s degrees in the field of marketing and that’s why for the last few years I’ve been working in one of the most successful startups in the EMEA region. And now, I want to bring the experience that I gained from my studies and through my previous work to Monetha team.

Justas: Gotcha! So, how did you find out about Monetha? I know that the word kind of a spreads around and we were the ones who initiated and interview with you, but, have you heard about Monetha before

Julius: Yeah, actually I think the first time I heard about Monetha was when I read a couple of articles last Summer, when you were planning to launch the ICO project. I really liked the idea behind the product, I saw that Monetha is building a really strong team, I saw huge potential and that’s why I was not surprised when Monetha’s ICO project was really successful. I was a little bit surprised when you contacted me and asked to join the team, but I was really glad.

Justas: Yeah, this was one of the roles that we have extensively searched for and before you we had, I guess somewhere around 12 to 15 interviews…

Julius: Oh! That’s a lot!

Justas: So you passed a big competition! So, going forward from this point, You’re already here for a week working with us. What have you been focusing on, what are your goals and how you think you’re going to reach them here.

Julius: It’s working with different consumer segments, for example the consumers who don’t know anything about the product or the company or crypto, so introducing to them the information about the company, the product and the cryptocurrencies and all of these things. And also working with the consumers who are already engaged with the product that you offer. And doing all that through different digital channels as different digital channels help to engage with the different consumer segments.

Justas: Yeah, it is, as mentioned a very important role, people expect Monetha to have brand awareness being spread and not only in crypto community but also beyond and we wish you the best of luck and strength in doing that!

Julius: Thank You!

(End of the interview)

This is it for this week, I will see you in seven days, best of luck and bye-bye!