November 6, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Devcon3/New Developer/Conference in Latvia | #WeekInReview020

Quick Version

0:06 – Monetha’s advisor, Robertas Višinskis, speaking at Devcon 3
0:32 – Software Engineer, Dmitrij Koniajev joins Monetha
0:59 – Monetha will be speaking at Riga’s Blockchain Conference with meet-up


Hi everyone, welcome to Monetha’s Week in Review number 20.

The past week was very exciting, as Devcon 3 took place in Mexico Cancun, our advisor, Robertas Višinskis has been participating in this conference, actually, even speaking on stage, on behalf of Mysterium Network and also representing Monetha. We are very excited about the news that the Ethereum Foundation has announced in Devcon 3 and really looking forward to the bright future of Ethereum.

Also, some news from Lithuanian Headquarters, the development headquarters from which we want to welcome our new Software Engineer Dmitrij Koniajev. Dmitrij is a very experienced Software Engineer with experience in high performance and robust 24/7 server type applications development, together with that, very soon we’re going to update our smart contracts in terms of Trust and Reputation.

Also, Monetha is traveling to Riga, Latvia, in which it’s going to attend and speak at Riga Blockchain Conference. And as always, when Monetha is traveling to other countries, it’s doing a triple benefit, first of all, attending, speaking at the conference, then, doing business meetings and the third thing is that we’re going to do our own meet-up, which is going to happen at Tech Hub in Riga. So, if you want to meet Monetha, speak about it in person, know about what is happening with Monetha, please do attend these meetings. All the information is going to be in the description below.

So, want to thank you for your attention watching this, 20 Monetha’s Week in Review and see you next week. Bye-Bye.