December 11, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Dubai Business Trip/We’re Hiring/Payments Consultant | #WeekInReview025

Quick Version

0:21 – Business trip to Moontec Conference in Tallinn, Estonia
1:26 – Business trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai
2:59New Jobs Website has been published, apply for a job ; [email protected]
3:33Bug Bounty Campaign has been released, report bugs ; [email protected]
3:44 – Conversation with Monetha’s Payment Consultant – Marc


Hello Monetha followers, investors and token holders, welcome to Monetha’s Week in Review – 25.

Quite a few things to share this week and we want to tell more about our business trip to Tallinn, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, so let’s start with the footage from Estonia.

(At Moontec Tallinn 2017 conference)

So, here right now at the moment at Moontec conference, I know that crypto enthusiasts will definitely appreciate the name, MOON-tec conference. It’s the biggest crypto and blockchain conference in Northern Europe. Great names here – Dash, Microsoft, IBM and Monetha spoke at the stage, people after that approached us, said that the value proposition is really nice.

(At Spring Hub, meet-up in Tallinn)

So, after the Moontec conference, we’re at the Spring Hub in Tallinn and setting up the stage for a community meet-up. We’re waiting for a lot of people to show up. Investors, who are in Tallinn or in Estonia want to hear more about Monetha. We’re always doing these, after the conference, a small meet-up of just the local MTH community.

Very valuable time in Estonia, and now let’s go to United Arab Emirates, the first stop is Abu Dhabi.

(At Blockchain conference Abu Dhabi)

Justas: So, here we are after the conference with Prab, can you introduce yourself?

Prab: Hi, I’m Prab, I work at Excel, it’s a venture capital fund.

Justas: And, what you get from this conference, what did you like about it and what was the purpose?

Prab: This guy. (points at Justas). It was a great conference, it was good to see a lot of interesting people from the Middle East in blockchain and in ICOs, I met a lot of cool entrepreneurs, who are working on great ideas, as well as bunch of good lawyers, actually, who understand this place.

Justas: So, you were familiar with Monetha’s idea and you heard the presentation, what do you think about it, in a few words.

Prab: So, initially, I did not understand it as much, but after I have met you and understood the roadmap for the next few quarters, I’m very intrigued and I’m definitely going to buy, especially before March 31st, when the project is coming out, so, good luck guys!

(At the International Airport in Dubai)

Justas: Long flight ahead, very soon from the international airport in Dubai, just want to cover the last six days, as you saw in the footage. Tallinn – Moontec conference; Abu Dhabi – blockchain conference; two meet-ups, one in Spring Hub, Tallinn, the other one in Dubai in Media One Hotel, and lots of business meetings with experienced companies in commerce. So, all in all, very, I would say, effective, very productive six days and now, back to software development office in Lithuania.

(At Software Development Office in Lithuania)

Last week, we have published our new Jobs website, in which you can see, which positions at Monetha are open. If none of those positions fit your profile, still, don’t hesitate to write us at [email protected] ; or refer your friend. We’re building the team globally and we’re building the team rapidly, so even if you see the geo location that is Vilnius or Amsterdam, still don’t hesitate, without a doubt, just write us, send your CV, at [email protected]

Also, we have released a Bug Bounty Campaign, so ‘Geek or Not, still Give it a Shot’, if you will find bugs, there is a reward waiting for you.

(Conversation with the Payments Consultant, Marc)

Justas: So, here at Monetha, we have a lot of full time employees, but also, in addition to that, we really want to bring outside expertise and here we have Marc, our Payments Consultant. So, Marc, can you share with our audience a little bit more about your background?

Marc: Sure, thanks, Justas. So, my name is Marc van Piggelen, I’ve been working with Monetha for the last three months, my background is in payments, I’ve been active in the payments industry for like 15 years and I started my career, at American Express, I was the Head of the Commercial Card there. I’ve moved on to European Merchant Services, which is an acquirer, it’s a joint venture between First Data and ABN AMRO, I was the CCO there and so my background is mostly in the acquiring space, I’ve worked with a lot of wallets. Currently, in the last three months, I’ve been working with the blockchain, of course, the Ethereum, learning a lot, which is really challenging, so it’s a really exciting time to work with these really good guys.

Justas: For those who don’t know, how did you get introduced to Monetha?

Marc: So, I got introduced during the ICO, I know Kellogg (Kellogg N. Fairbank), quite well, so that’s really how I got introduced to you guys.

Justas: Yeah, and what do you think in general, because you’ve spent some time already, traveling here to Software Development Office several times now, what do you think about Monetha and how does it fit in the whole payments industry?

Marc: Yeah, so I’ve been here now three times, I must say the team is really great, there are a lot of people here, a lot of new faces every time I come here, there’s so many new faces, which is really great to see. From my background I know that Trust and Reputation is a very hot item in the industry, there’s a lot of fraud going on, a lot of scams, even in my hometown Amsterdam. We’ve seen a lot of scams on marketplaces, so I think that the product we’re developing is really great and I think, especially momentum now is really good.

Justas: Great, lovely to hear that and it is lovely to have your expertise on board, especially, we’re building Trust and Reputation gate, but that goes hand in hand with payments.

Marc: Exactly, yeah, so I think it is a really good combination and I think this the real future, if we look especially at marketplaces, at this current moment.

Justas: Yeah, so I urge all of the community to say ‘Hi’ to Marc and welcome him on board.

(End of Conversation)

So, very quick overview, spoke about Tallinn, spoke about Abu Dhabi and Dubai, all the business meetings and conference meet-ups that we had there. Also, what we released on a ‘Jobs’ website and Bug Bounty Campaign and really happy to introduce the community to Marc.

So, this was the Week in Review 25, see you, as always, on Monday, next Monday. Bye-Bye.