February 15, 2018 Development

Eric Duprat – Chairman of Monetha’s Advisory Board!

Good day, Monetha followers!!

The long awaited announcement of Eric Duprat’s role in Monetha is finally here!

Eric is joining Monetha as a Chairman of Monetha’s Advisory Board!

Just to remind you, Mr. Duprat is a major name in the payments industry. A former executive at PayPal. Eric was the General Manager of PayPal Mobile where he played an instrumental role in establishing PayPal as a player in mobile payments. Under Eric’s leadership, PayPal’s mobile payment business saw a growth from $7M of payment volume in 2008 to $4+ billion in 2011. During the past two decades, he has established a reputation throughout the industry as a results-oriented leader. Eric has 20+ years of experience in global payment and security systems and 6 years as CEO/CFO and founder experience including successful fundraising.

Thank you all for patience, we are very happy to bring these exciting news to our community!

Here are the official statements of Monetha and Eric Duprat!

Monetha’s Statement:

“Monetha is pleased to announce that Eric Duprat will serve as a Chairman of its Advisory Board. Channeling his extensive experience in mobile products, Eric will be working closely with the Monetha product team to strategize around upcoming launches as well as to leverage and further cultivate relationships with key strategic partners to identify product and market opportunities. With Eric now at the helm of the company’s advisory board, and a growing team of strong developers, Monetha is as focused as ever on solving the trust and reputation issue in commerce, removing fear, uncertainty and doubt when buying online.”

Eric Duprat’s Statement:

“As Chairman of the Advisory Board of Monetha, I look forward to working alongside the product team to further the company’s mission in tackling the trust problem in global commerce. I am confident that we have the right team in place to create a safer and more reliable experience for both: the buyer and the seller through the use of blockchain, smart contracts and universal reputational scores given to users.”

Monetha team and Eric Duprat are looking forward to achieve great results working together!

Thank you for your attention and see you soon!