February 19, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Eric Duprat/Importance of Southeast Asia/Monetha’s Marketing Plan | #WeekInReview035

Quick Version

0:07 Eric Duprat – Chairman of Monetha’s Advisory Board
1:18Interview with Monetha’s Co-Founder/Product – Laurynas
1:37“Why Southeast Asia is so important?” Educational video
1:49Toptal, has opened up blockchain engineer vertical
2:15 – When will the marketing start for Monetha’s Product?


Hello Monetha’s friends, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 35.

If you would ask, “what was the main piece of news over the last seven days?”, we would answer without a shadow of a doubt, that it is Eric Duprat. Eric Duprat is now officially the Chairman of the Advisory Board. His responsibilities include, working closely with Monetha’s Product Team, overlooking the product roadmap, and overlooking the advisory board.

As mentioned, we are super glad that Eric is the Chairman of Advisory Board and he has his own quote about the situation.

“As Chairman of the Advisory Board of Monetha, I look forward to working alongside the product team to further the company’s mission in tackling the trust problem in global commerce. I am confident that we have the right team in place to create a safer and more reliable experience for both: the buyer and the seller through the use of blockchain, smart contracts and universal reputational scores given to users.”

So, congratulations community, you’ve been waiting for these news for a long time, Eric Duprat is now officially the Chairman of Monetha’s Advisory Board.

Over the last week, we distributed three pieces of content. First one is already a tradition, “An Interview with Monethian”, this time our Product Lead – Laurynas. He talks about his professional background and his philosophy behind building the Monetha’s product. It’s a very interesting and extensive interview, if you want to check it out, link to the blog is below. Another piece of content is the educational video, in which we talk about why Southeast Asia region is so important for Monetha. If you want to view that video, the link is in the description below. And the third piece of content that we have promoted is an article in TechCrunch, how Toptal, a major freelancers platform is now opening up, the blockchain engineer vertical. So, we’re super happy that these big giants are not only thinking about implementing the blockchain technology, but also, doing that. So, congratulations Toptal and please read our content.

I want to take a chance of addressing some of the community’s question in this week in review. One of the concerns that we have been seeing floating around our community is the lack of marketing activity after the ICO. Yes, there was more marketing activity before the ICO, but once the funds were raised, now the main focus is building the software. Our software development milestone is due in six weeks, on the 31st of March and every priority and focus is now shifted to software development. So, this is actually the idea behind our long-term philosophy of promoting not necessarily the token but the product behind the token. This is why you’re not seeing so much of marketing activity as of this moment, as mentioned, because it’s all about the product right now, but once the product is released you’re going to see us being more active in the marketing department. Hope that answers your question.

Thank you so much for your attention and see you very soon. Bye-Bye.