August 6, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Ex-Braintree VP of Business Development Joins The Team, what happened when Monetha visited Switzerland, & why we exist? | #ICOWeekInReview 006

Monetha ICO Week 6… Ex-Braintree VP of Business Development Joins The Team, what happened when Monetha visited Switzerland, & why we exist?

Quick Version

  • 00:08 – [Reminder] Just 24 days left until the Monetha Crowdsale
  • 00:22 – What happened when we visited Zug, Switzerland
  • 00:52 – Ex-Braintree VP of Business Development joins the team
  • 01:47 – New Interview available to watch early this week
  • 02:06 – Read our latest blog on why Monetha exists


Hello Monetha friends, and welcome to Monetha’s week in review number 6.

As of today, there are 24 days left until Monetha’s crowdsale, so we’re pushing the pedal to the metal to do everything that is possible for Monetha to have a successful crowdsale.  And to bring as much value to it’s investors.

Last week the Monetha team has visited Zug, Switzerland.  Which is being considered the “crypto-valley”, or the Silicon Valley of crypto.  In there we had networking events, also potential meetings with investors.  And it was very important that we met with lawyers because we are exploring the opportunities, and most likely incorporating in Switzerland.  So we will keep you updated about this news, and we are very happy about our trip to Switzerland.

And the major news this week is that we have a new team member.  A very successful and accomplished Fin-tech, sales, and business development executive, which has worked in companies like Global Connect and Braintree.  Actually he was the first International employee of Braintree, and he was the VP (the Vice President) of sales and business development there.

He understands how to start with a small company, and how to scale it to a huge company, which Braintree actually did.  Which later was acquired by PayPal for $800m.  His name is Kellogg N. Fairbank, and he has visited us both in Lithuania and in Switzerland.  We are very happy that he’s in our team because the experience he has in the payments industry is huge.  And this will be a crucial part of Monetha’s success.

You will find out more about Kellogg, since we did an Interview with him in Zug.  Which will be released early next week.  Where he will tell more about his background, how he started in the payments industry, what are his accomplishments, and why he so strongly believes in Monetha’s potential.  So you will see this video interview early next week.

And don’t forget to read our newest blog, which is named “The Reason I Exist”.  This blog explains how the Monetha founders came up with the idea of payment processing on the ethereum blockchain, together with a decentralised trust and reputation system.

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And if you have any questions regarding Monetha or it’s token sale, feel free to ping us and ask us on Slack or Telegram.   We have both groups in which we take it as a very serious matter in answering the questions very fast and in a detailed manner.

So, see you next week and bye bye.