July 24, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Ex-PayPal Executive Joins The Monetha Team, The Launch Of Our Bounty Campaign, & A New Product Feature Release | #ICOWeekInReview 004

Monetha ICO Week 4… Ex-PayPal executive joins the Monetha team, the launch of our bounty campaign, & get ready for a new product feature release.

Quick Version

  • 00:10 – Ex-PayPal Executive Joins The Monetha Team
  • 00:43 – New Blog Post On Our Team Philosophy
  • 01:10 – Monetha Launch Bounty Campaign
  • 01:23 – We Prepare For New Product Feature Release


Hello Monetha followers, and welcome to a week in review, number 4!

So Monetha’s ICO is already catching up to speed as we’re approaching Monetha’s fourth week of ICO campaign.  And you’ve probably heard this news but I’m going to repeat myself since this is a very very important announcement for Monetha’s team.

Eric Duprat, a former PayPal executive, a general manager of mobile, has joined the Monetha team.  And because it’s very important, a super important addition for us because we have 2 major domains, which is Decentralised Trust and Reputation and an efficient payment processor.  So Eric is going to be a huge addition for our payments domain.

Because of that, because we believe that individuals are very important to the team, but without the team individuals are nothing, we released a blog which writes about this whole philosophy and how that adds up to Eric being in our team – and Jean-Marc Seigneur joining the Monetha.  Two very important personas joining the Monetha.  So, read that blog on Medium and you’ll understand how significant is the team for Monetha.

Important news for our believers and evangelist followers of Monetha is that we launched our bounty campaign.  To check all the details on how to join that, go to our website monetha.io, and press on the tab “Bounty”.

We also made some progress on the development side.  Early next week we’re going to release a new feature of our MVP, which is a single button (A.K.A. “Buy Now Button”) which actually made PayPal famous.  With this feature we’re going to be able to integrate with custom built Ecommerce stores, which opens up a huge new market for us.  So be ready early next week for a new development update.

Another blockbuster week for Monetha.  Eric Duprat joining the team.  We launched our bounty campaign, and a new software development update is coming really really soon.

So, stay up to date by following us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, join our Slack channel, and see you next week at the review of Monetha’s week.


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