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Five things to adopt before selling online

With growing e-market comes intense competition and sellers have to keep up with the pace of consumers’ expectations. Most sellers lose their customers by failing to match their expectations. To succeed, you must demonstrate value to your customer by adopting five important elements in order to compete and win.


Trust is a foundation to build a new set of customer base and retain the existing ones. Building trust creates a significant impact among buyers.
Customers often go by references and follow big brands because they trust that the brand or person can offer the best value for the money. With many choices in the market, brand loyalty has become vulnerable phenomena and customer retention has become a major challenge.

So, adopting a trust building technology across your customer value chain can create new opportunities for sellers.


A huge part of customer trust resides in the transparency. Often the transparency affects the purchase decisions of the buyers. A customer would always like to prefer products that show more transparency about the quality and customer experiences. Sellers who promote their products, are transparent, have the greater chance to win their customers for a longer time.

Therefore, demonstrating your transparency can add value for you before selling.


A reputation is like currency for good quality. Seller’s reputation score represents his product eligibility. Good reviews are crucial to build customer’s reputation and drive value for them.
Every positive review can multiply amount of customers, while the fake reviews or negative reviews can make your business look suspicious.

So it is most obvious and crucial element to consider, prior making your deal.


Adopting technology that helps to overcome the challenges of false identities and authenticate your true identity can help you maintain your balance of trust and transparency among buyers.
It is very important for the buyer to know “who you are”, “what have you sold before”, “how was your relationship with your previous buyers”.

A verified profile identity and business activity can improve your product sales quicker.

Safe Payment

With ongoing money mules online, it is important to have safe payments with:

– Receipts
– Proof of payment
– Evidence of purchase

Customers prefer to buy from sellers who sell goods with bunch of evidences. Therefore, safe payment is a “must have” for better sales.

Is there a way to achieve all of these in an effortless manner?

Monetha is a solution that comes with trust, transparency, reputation, identity and safe payment integrated in a mobile app. The app allows you to check the profiles of users, reputation scores and bring transparency and trust by displaying information about previous deals.

Monetha is creating a universal, transferable, immutable trust and reputation system that makes online marketplaces safer, smarter and trustworthy. The app is based on Ethereum blockchain technology that seals deals with simple contracts, instant receipts and verified reviews.

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Written by monethian Chaitra