January 20, 2018 Knowledge Center

Guide: How to buy MTH Tokens?

Hello everyone!

We wanted to write a blog on our community’s most requested topic and it is without a doubt, a question on how to acquire MTH tokens.
Every day, we are getting more and more questions from the community who ask us how to buy MTH tokens. So we decided to make a brief step-by-step guide on how to purchase MTH. We will take Binance exchange as an example as it accumulates the biggest volume for Monetha and cryptocurrencies in general.

1. At the moment, there is no possibility to buy MTH directly with credit/debit cards. MTH tokens are in the trading pairs with BTC and ETH, so firstly you need to acquire some Bitcoin or Ether. You can buy these cryptocurrencies in local exchanges or major trading platforms such as kraken.com, bitpanda.com, bity.com, bitfinex.com, etc. This also depends from what country you are, because some forbid you to buy from particular exchanges.

2. Once you register on Binance and get verified you can start trading cryptocurrencies, but firstly you need to deposit some ETH. You have to go to deposits and withdrawal window.

3. You need to generate your ETH wallet address on the exchange.

4. After creating the ETH wallet address, use this address to make a deposit of your bought ETH in the exchange you purchased them (kraken.com, bitpanda.com, bity.com, bitfinex.com, etc.)

5. As soon as you received your ETH in the wallet, you can buy MTH tokens.

6. Afterwards, you can store your MTH tokens in Binance wallet or send it to any wallet. If you want to trade tokens it would be better to hold them in the exchange internally but if you are going to HODL them, we suggest to transfer the tokens to myetherwallet.com. There you can store your tokens for a longer time as we think it is a safer method.

If you have any further questions on any of the steps, always contact us on Telegram or at [email protected].