June 16, 2020 Development

Monethians! Help us improve the Monetha App

Hello, Monethians! You might have noticed that we have lately narrowed our focus to digital identity, privacy, and utilizing value of data. The reason is that we are looking for a better market fit for the Monetha app. And we ask you, our community, to help us shape it up.

We want the Monetha app to be a tool allowing users to:
– manage and safely store personal profile (in encrypted form);
– share specific parts of the profile with others (other users and businesses) ;
– terminate sharing of the data at any time (utilizing GDPR right to be forgotten);
– leverage profile’s value by helping businesses to prevent frauds, simplify user onboarding, and better know their customers in exchange for certain benefits (e.g. discounts, vouchers, etc.).

This is our current vision, which might change, with your feedback in particular, as we move forward. Would you download and use such an app? What features would you like to be present there to give you more value?

Please share your vision! Feel free to leave comments or use direct messages—whatever is more comfortable for you.

You can also share your suggestions, ideas, opinions here: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram

We will be discussing specific elements in the upcoming posts in more details, so get on board! And have a look at our Identity page.


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