July 30, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Hodl Finance Partnership/Wallet for MTH/Join Telegram | #WeekInReview 058

Quick Version

0:07 – New Partnership – Hodl Finance!
0:46 – App Update #8 with MTH wallet and more!
1:24 – Updated Telegram group with new features, exclusive content!
1:48 – Over a year since our first Week In Review!


Hi Monetha followers, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review, it’s the 58th episode.

Monetha is super excited to announce a new partnership and this time, with a company named – Hodl Finance! As you can probably tell by name Hodl Finance has a relationship with crypto. This company is a leading financial services provider, which lets people get loans and accepts cryptocurrencies as a collateral. So, this time, because we have this partnership with a company that we have known for a long long time and really trust, Monetha tokens now can be used as a collateral for Hodl Finance loans.
To know more about this partnership, go check out our blog, it is in the description below.

It’s the 8th Monetha’s app update and when I’m going to tell and when I’m going to tell how many updates we have made throughout the span of seven days, you’re going to be surprised, but that is the result of the productivity of this superb team. So, let’s go, three updates. The first one is that we have made an integration with a simple wallet. Second one, is we have added new Fiat currencies, new traditional currencies and the third – you can check the trust of other Monetha app users by email and that’s all done in seven days! Wait for the next update and this one can be grabbed right now in iOS and Android devices!

Telegram Telegram Telegram! We love Telegram and we have now allocated a lot of resources in our community management, added some stickers, made our channel more fun, so if you haven’t joined it yet, please do. The link is in the description below!

This is it for this week, we are very excited about the new partnership with Hodl Finance, we are very happy about the progress that our Software Development Team is making and by the way, I want to remind for all of our followers that this has been already a year since we’re doing these Week In Review videos. We want to thank you for watching them, we want to thank you for engaging with them, and we promise to keep them up and to stay one of the rare, one of the few ICO companies that updates on the progress that the company is making every single week.

Thank you so much for your attention, I will see you in seven days. Bye-Bye!

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