July 24, 2018 Development

Partnership with HODL Finance

Monetha has reached a new partnership agreement with the leading financial services company – HODL Finance.

HODL Finance is a global crypto-backed loans on demand company serving millions of crypto holders. It issues loans, while accepting cryptocurrencies, partner tokens, and other digital assets as collateral. HODL Finance was established by the shareholders of SAVY, a commercially successful P2P lending platform which was founded in 2014 and currently operates in 33 European countries.

Justas Pikelis, Co-Founder at Monetha:
“We have more than 10 000 loyal MTH holders, and this community is excited about innovation, expansion, and partnerships. The co-operation with HODL Finance and its strong team adds additional utility to the Monetha token and is a step forward to contributing to the crypto ecosystem in general.”

Vytautas Zabulis, Managing Director at HODL Finance:
“By all means, Monetha is an ICO success story. Inspired by it, we’re aiming to ensure that MTH token holders were able to retain it while borrowing money for their everyday needs. We aim to deliver this service via our lending system the coming fall.”

The new partnership will provide greater opportunities for MTH holders and better usage of their assets.

Monetha team is excited to start working with HODL Finance and hopes to achieve great results!