October 5, 2017 Miscellaneous

Holding Monetha Tokens? Here’s How You Could Potentially Increase Their Value…

As mentioned previously, exchanges are often the catalyst for a token to really take off and be adopted by the masses.

This is because it enables the token to reach a wider range of potential buyers.  Which is why after a successful crowdsale, our goal was to get listed in many popular and local exchanges.

Most recently we were included in “Community Coin per Month” competition on one of the highest growing exchanges — Binance.

Currently, Monetha is in second place by just a few votes. Your support could potentially help us succeed and get listed on one of the most influential cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance has indicated that they will list the winner of this competition.  There’s still time for you to help us win first place ››

Throughout the last 2 months, our community has been extremely helpful and active. There hasn’t been a better chance to show your dedication than today, which is why we ask you to help us to get listed on Binance!

Please follow the instructions below, to vote for Monetha.


1)  Create an account by visiting this link.

2)  You can deposit ETH/BTC or any other cryptocurrency into your Binance account to purchase BNB tokens that you will have the voting power with (you only need 0.1 BNB to cast a vote, which at the time of writing this blog costs about 0.13 USD).


You can join our Telegram channel to ask our community members to send you 0.1 BNB to your Binance deposit account. There have been a lot of Monetha community members offering Binance tokens for free.

To locate the deposits page, please refer to the image below:

3)  The final step you should take is visit https://www.binance.com/vote.html to vote.

Once you visit this page, you should already be logged in, and if you have at least 0.1 BNB token, you’ll be able to vote for the Monetha token.

Note: The competition ends at 2017/10/05 (Thursday) 10:00 AM (UTC).

Potential investors are buzzing

Of course they are! This could be huge for Monetha. Taking part in this competition has led to certain investors buying up MTH tokens before they get listed on a major exchange.

And since they know that if Monetha wins this competition, and gets listed on Binance, it could positively impact the Monetha token in a big way.

So… can we count on you?

After following the instructions above, simply click here to cast your vote.

As always, thank you.