March 16, 2018 Interviews

Interview with Monetha’s Intern | Chaitra

Opportunities don’t come once or twice, they keep on coming every day, every second, they just need to be identified. We at Monetha help to realize opportunities at every step of the way.

Monetha, a promising blockchain startup was built to empower communities, revolutionize the digital world and change the landscape of ecommerce industry.

While we are all set to soar to new heights, we thought of incorporating augmented corporate experiences among the youth and celebrate the ‘joy of growing’ with us. We chose Chaitra Katti as an intern from India, the land known for unity in diversity. This is an exciting move for both of us, as there are a lot of cultural exchanges, bringing different flavors of cultures for Monetha’s upbringing.

So let’s see how we have made a positive difference in Chaitra’s Career life.

Tell us a bit more about your professional background?

Well, about me. I was a Brand marketer in India, worked for a few years in different industries before embracing nomadic life. I initially started as a copywriter, worked for many creative advertisements and then moved into IT world as marketing communication professional. Every second of my career involved creative thinking; right from creating engaging contents to developing creative social media posts to motivating emails, and it was a really enriching experience.

After being in creative field for more than 2 years, I thought of expanding my horizons to research and analytics. So, I worked as a business analyst for a while and realized that traveling and working abroad can open my awareness and help me build better expertise in creativity and research. So, I am here as an intern to learn and excel.

How did you decide to do internship in Monetha?

Monetha’s business model is innovative and game changing. I could see that Monetha is building a strong foundation for unsurpassable growth in blockchain which is new, powerful and promising, so there are numerous possibilities for me to explore.

My intern interview itself was a great learning experience, and I was impressed with their professional approach, attention to detail, prompt communication and transparency. I soon started dreaming to be a part of this team. Luckily, dreams come true!!

What do you do in Monetha? What do you like about the product?

I work as a research intern here, researching about culture and business scenarios of India and other South East Asian countries. These research reports will help Monetha to expand its business to South Asian countries.

Monetha is creating new possibilities of building trust and transparency among business and transforming the landscape of ecommerce industry. The globalization and advances in digital payment methods has created security and safety issues. Therefore, companies like Monetha, ceaselessly working to make digital world safer, secure and transparent is definitely impressive. This digital transformation is a responsible move and with globalization comes responsibility, transparency and security.

Any funny/interesting stories that you can share from your time in Monetha?

Well!! Funny is that the day I landed in Lithuania and then arrived to Monetha office, everybody there looked huge, tall and I felt so tiny..:-)

Never mind. Every day is an interesting day at Monetha. I have been given challenging tasks and it is really exciting to work on these tasks. I am never made to feel like an intern and my ideas and opinions are welcomed and appreciated. I feel that people here are focused and as a result it makes me focused, too and thus this gives me an enchanting experience.