April 19, 2018 Interviews

Interview with Monetha’s Community Manager | Marijus

Tell us a bit more about your professional background? How did you get into communication and support field?

I was passionate about a certain video game series, published by the company called Square Enix which is known for: Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Hitman, Deus Ex, Life is Strange, etc. Did countless contributions for those projects and grown up as a pillar of the community there. Was then asked to take a position as a moderator/community manager.
Helping to make products as best I could, while also being a fan for many years was certainly a combination which worked for me.

Then, applied my experience for the film production company SSS Entertainment, which works with such actors as: Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris, James Franco, Ron Perlman, Bruce Dern and more. Took care of many tasks for their movies, social media pages, websites, made marketing plans, assisted in producing some of their films.
Film business is especially a tough one as you get to do everything, which also has its benefits as it’s dynamic, varied and never boring.

What do you love about your profession?

Hopefully, making a positive impact through work.

What is your philosophy behind the communication with community?

Always try to be kind no matter what and as transparent as possible.

What brought you to Monetha? What do you like about the product?

My first introduction to Monetha was pre-ICO. Justas played a Monetha introductory video on his phone for me to check out as I had no prior knowledge of it. After watching the video, I immediately understood that this is the holy grail of e-commerce and was certain that no matter what, the funding will be successful (at the time of the thought, had no idea they were aiming for 95k ETH hard cap).
Some time later, I was studying video directing at university when suddenly got a call from Justas to check out Monetha’s office and from that point on, wanted to see if I could bring something to the project, otherwise there is no point to be a part of something if you can’t help with anything.
There is no elitism here. We all have equal say. Because our goal is to make a product the best it can be.

Trust is arguably the most important of values anywhere we go. Bringing trust to online marketplaces is what makes Monetha so special and so mandatory. This is what I like the most about it.

Any funny/interesting stories that you can share from your time in Monetha?

One of the more recent interesting ones is the mobile app release video (which you can see here), it took many tries to film. That’s how serious we are even with the tiniest details.

I’m not talking about the faces of product development team from the endless hours they spend working on the app…