May 4, 2018 Interviews

Interview with Monetha’s Intern | Siegfried

Tell us a bit more about your professional background?

I finished my bachelor’s degree in political science, which gave me a good understanding about decision-making processes regarding politics but also knowledge about how people act in different markets, as economics was my second major subject. Besides that, I got some experience in public relations through an internship as a scientific assistant at an office of a member of parliament and as intern at an advertising agency.
I’m trying to challenge myself frequently and search for new ideas I’m passionate about.
In my free time I used to be an offline marketing manager at the student organization AIESEC and was leading the committee for two semesters afterwards.

How did you decide to do internship in Monetha?

Mainly because I wanted to participate in a startup with a strong vision and hard-working people which work in a very innovative and open-minded style. When I had the selection interview I already felt big motivation which is driving the people behind Monetha.
Furthermore, Monetha is working in one of the most interesting and fast developing branches. My interest in their concept of a trust and reputation system made me forget about the weather in Lithuania 😀

What do you do in Monetha? What do you like about the product?

My main responsibility is participating in Monetha’s research, so I’m analyzing the expectations German consumers might have and how we can extend to several markets in the EU. I create tables and reports but I’m also searching for the right places of advertising our idea and I’m in touch with some German sellers who are interested in using our application.
What I like the most about the product is that it’s huge. Monetha creates a reputation system which can be connected and shared to multiple platforms and will include a payment solution. This is very ambitious.

Any funny/interesting stories that you can share from your time in Monetha?

In my team, I’m working together with two girls from India and Singapore and Lithuanians. It’s very interesting how differently we approach our tasks and we enjoy it very much to have lunch together and to exchange our views on the world. Globalization is happening right here in our everyday life.