July 16, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Our Latest Superstar Joins The Team, The Release Of Our MVP, & ICO Tracker Rates Us #1 | #ICOWeekInReview #003

Monetha ICO Week 3… Our Latest Superstar Joins The Team, We release our minimum viable product, and ICO Tracker Rates Us number 1 ICO.

Quick Version

  • 00:10 – Released the MVP (Ecommerce payments – version 1)
  • 00:34 – Our vision for the DTRS
  • 01:04 – How we work at Monetha
  • 01:25 – ICO Tracker rated us the #1 upcoming ICO right now
  • 01:50 – Dr. Jean-Marc Seigneur joins the Monetha team as DTRS Lead


Hello everyone, this is Justas from Monetha and this is the review of Monetha’s third week.

Just as we promised last week, we delivered on releasing our MVP.  We launched our Ecommerce plugin which lets you accept Ether payments, and get the first version of the Decentralised Trust and Reputation System.  My colleague, Laurynas, introduced that.  Please visit our website, monetha.io and see how you can incorporate this plugin into your Ecommerce store.

If you’re planning to install our plugin into your Ecommerce store, or your friend’s Ecommerce store, I highly recommend for you to read about our Decentralised Trust and Reputation System and how it works.  We released this week the blog about it, because in our MVP we have the first version of the Decentralised Trust and Reputation System, and on this blog we kind of tell what is our vision for the Decentralised Trust and Reputation System – or, even better to call it DTRS™.

Also another blog that we released this week is “How We Work”.  The philosophy of the Monetha team.  How we implement Agile methodology into our work philosophy.  Very beneficial reads.  3 to 4 minutes of your time, but that will definitely help you understand the whole concept of the DTRS™ and how we work.

We are very excited that ICO Tracker has rated us the highest rating of the whole upcoming ICOs.  They’re doing it in an unbiased way, and by no means did we pay them or anyones pays for those ratings, so they’re very objective.  Please visit ICO Tracker and see that we are the highest on the list of upcoming ICOs.

Here’s the big new that Monetha is super excited about.  For the last few months we were looking for a person who would have a scientific experience in online reputation.  A person who would have some experience in research and development, and we found that person who’s joined our team.  His name is Jean-Marc Seigneur.  He is a professor, a PhD professor at Geneva University, and the person with extensive and significant knowledge and experience in online reputation.  This is a person who will definitely help our R and D, and develop the algorithm for our Decentralised Trust and Reputation System.  Actually I may run out of words to describe how big of a step this is for Monetha.  So, Jean-Marc, welcome to the Monetha team.

These are the news.  The review of the third week of Monetha.

One more important thing;  Our crowdsale will start at the last day of summer, and end at the last day of September.  So it will be 31 days.  It’s very easy to remember.  The last day of summer, 3pm London time, our crowdsale will start.

So mark your calendars, and we’ll see you next week.  Bye bye.


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