October 17, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Lithuanian Tech Hub Opens, Monetha Lists On Binance, and We Prepare For London’s Blockchain Summit 2017 | #ICOWeekInReview 017

Monetha ICO Week 017… Lithuanian tech hub opens, Monetha lists on Binance, and we prepare for London’s Blockchain Summit 2017.

Quick Version

  • 00:15 – Agreement signed to open Tech Hub in Lithuania
  • 00:35 – Speaking at London’s Blockchain Summit 2017
  • 01:22 – Introducing dedicated Monetha Meetups
  • 01:40 – Monetha lists on one of the fastest growing exchanges
  • 01:53 – Sales & Acquisition Lead signs employment contract


Hello Monetha followers, welcome to Monetha’s “Week in Review” number 17. Last week a lot of things happened in Monetha, so let me start with the beginning of last week.

We have signed an agreement, which opens up a development company in Lithuania. As you may already know, our main company is in Zug, Switzerland, but the software development headquarters will be in Lithuania, which will help us to attract the great talent in Central Europe. Great things to be looking forward to.

On the 28th of November, Monetha is going to participate in London’s Blockchain Summit 2017. This is a very interesting conference, we’re gonna participate in a lot of conferences in the next coming months. But this one is in particularly interesting because there are going to be very competent professionals who are going to attend this conference and Monetha is one part of that.

In this conference there will be a former prime minister of Estonia who has a very interesting perspective on the blockchain technology and a very progressive thinking when it comes to technology in general. Also, companies like Barclays, Western Union, Spotify, Jeremy Millar from the Ethereum Alliance are going to participate so we’re very glad to have an opportunity to be in this event. In addition to that, Monetha and every conference

… After every conference or the day of the conference will have its own dedicated meetup. Please follow our social media to find out where you can meet Monetha’s team face to face and talk about the progress that Monetha is making.

Great news for our token holders and potential token holders as Monetha is listed on one of the highest growing exchanges in the world called “Binance”.

Checkout binance.com to find out how to trade MTH tokens. We have officially signed Kellogg N. Fairbank who’s our Sales and Merchant Acquisition Lead. Together with him, a very competent professional of payments industry consultant is gonna work with us. I wanna quote what Kellogg said about this partnership. Quoting, “I’m beyond thrilled to be joining such a talented team. A team that is working hard to shape the future of commerce. This kind of opportunity is once in a lifetime.” Likewise, we’re very happy to have Kellogg on board.

To round things up, we had a wonderful week of performance. Next week we’re gonna announce few more things. One thing that we want to say is that we have to postpone Andrej’s Q&A, our Technical Lead Q&A, because he had a baby, so this Q&A will be postponed to this week.

Very interesting news that are waiting for Monetha followers, which is going to be announced before the week in review, somewhere around in the middle of this week. Look forward to this and see you very soon. Bye-bye.



2 responses to “Lithuanian Tech Hub Opens, Monetha Lists On Binance, and We Prepare For London’s Blockchain Summit 2017 | #ICOWeekInReview 017”

  1. B3DFintech says:

    Congatulation on the baby Andrej! May the spirit of new birth flow into this project and become a great success!

  2. www.drksoap.com says:

    It’s a pity that the token price continues to deteriorate. Not sure what more can be done.

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