December 4, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

London Blockchain Summit/Upcoming Conferences/New Partnership/New Team Member | #WeekInReview024

Quick Version

0:07 – Business Trip to London’s Blockchain Summit
3:44 – Monetha is going to a business trip in Tallinn, Abu Dhabi and Dubai
4:42 – Monetha became the new member of IoT Trusted Alliance
5:16 – Head of Customer Support and Insights has joined Monetha
5:27 – Quarter in Review, progress of Monetha’s last 90 days, to be published tomorrow.


Hello Monetha followers, welcome to Monetha’s Week in Review – 24.

So, this week, we had a major trip to London in which we participated in London’s Blockchain Summit. Without further ado, we want to share some video content from there to see what kind of experience we had, as mentioned, always, when we’re going to conferences, we’re aiming for triple benefit, which is conference, local meet-up of Monetha’s and business meetings, so enjoy the footage.

(Inside an airplane to London)

So, now travelling from Vilnius Headquarters to London. The flight itself is two and a half hours and the destination point is London’s Blockchain Summit in which we’re speaking and sponsoring. We’re going to have a keynote, we’re going to have a panel discussion and many different companies, world famous companies are participating together with Monetha, like Western Union, Barclays, Spotify, (Enterprise) Ethereum Alliance and even politicians. Like the former Prime Minister of Estonia, who has a very progressive thinking on technology. So, what I wanted to say is that we’re making notes, because every different conference is a different presentation for us, so for example, we’re speaking at Asia, is never the same presentation as speaking in Europe and vice versa. Different continents, different markets need different content.

(At London’s Blockchain Summit)

Justas: Here with Cyrus from SwissBorg, what’s happening?

Cyrus: Things are going great, we’re at the blockchain summit and what are we doing? Promoting our ICO on December 7th.

Justas: Yeah, take note, have you heard our presentation?

Cyrus: Western Union has probably said, like: “Oh no, we’re going to lose all of our business, thanks to Monetha, so that’s a cool thing”.

Justas: Yeah, nice to see you here.

Cyrus: Nice to see you, man.

(At the Panel discussion)

Justas: So, we’re at the early adopter stage, where the merchants who approach us, want to work with us and want to accept cryptocurrencies, because we’ve done our ICO and in our ICO, our MVP product was Ethereum payment processor, so merchants who approach us are very tech-savvy. Of course, at first we’ve got approached by businesses, who would not necessarily be referred as very trustful and reputable, but we’re doing KYC for the merchants, we only want to work with businesses who are not in a dark-grey zone.

(At blockchain summit hallways with co-founder of Monetha – Laurynas)

Justas: Finally, wrapping up the day, the London blockchain summit, we’ve been doing a keynote presentation, panel discussion with the (Enterprise) Ethereum Alliance, together with Western Union, that actually is funny how we walked past by aisle and everybody recognizes Monetha, wants to say ‘Hi’, want to talk about the different applications, how their business could use the Trust and Reputation system, so really spent a full day here, really useful and very happy about this, what do you think?

Laurynas: Yeah, sure, the one thing that I should say is that it’s really interesting and amazing to see that people gets the idea, the problem that Monetha is solving and understands how can we actually use the blockchain to solve this e-commerce trust problem that exists.

Justas: Yeah, really want to thank the organizers of the London’s Blockchain Summit and yeah, see you soon.

(At the Software Development Office in Lithuania)

This week, we’re going to participate in two conferences, one is happening in Tallinn, Estonia, called Moontec, many major companies are going to participate there, as Microsoft, IBM, ConsenSys, Humaniq and many others. The second one is in Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Blockchain Conference with many blockchain companies, ICOs, are going to participate there, so we’re going to speak in Middle East as it is an important market for us as we’re moving into Eastern markets. And always, as together with these two conferences we’re also having a community meet-ups, more about them, you’ll see in description below, so feel free to join to meet Monetha’s team, discuss blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, Trust and Reputation systems, we’re really looking forward to meet our followers, supporters and token holders. So, Tallinn and Abu Dhabi, this week.

Also, we are proud to announce, that we are the newest member of Trusted IoT Alliance. We have joined this organization in order for us to share the research that we’re doing and get some information of what other companies are doing, the technological advancements in IoT industry. So, for us, our contribution is going to be our knowledge in trust of devices, so we’re really looking forward to all the benefits that we’re going to get from this partnership.

A new team member, Justė Stašelytė, has joined our team as a Head of Support and Client Insights, we’re very happy to have her on board, so, welcome Juste.

This is it for this week, tomorrow, by the way, you’re going to see a new video which is going to be called a Quarter in Review, because three months ago, we have raised our ICO and we want to share with our community, what has been done over the last 90 days, so see you tomorrow and next week. Bye-Bye.