February 12, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Meet-up in Singapore/Business Research in Southeast Asia/Blog Interview | #WeekInReview034

Quick Version

0:08 – Multiple business meetings, extending network
1:03 – Monetha’s Meet-up at world known co-working space, WeWork
2:36Monethian Interview with Community Manager – Vygandas


Hello Monetha followers, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 34.

So, let’s jump right in to what happened over the last seven days and i don’t know if you follow the Monetha’s news over the last few weeks, i assume you do, but i will repeat myself that we are here in Singapore, where we are having multiple business meetings, expanding our network, talking with professionals, talking with venture capitalists, trying to, all in all, test the hypothesis, whether we open up our Southeast Asian office here in Singapore. And the idea behind it is that the Southeast Asia region, which is Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand is going to have exponential growth of e-commerce over the next few years and we want to be a part of it.
So, one of those components behind our traveling and testing that hypothesis, was having a Monetha’s Community Meet-up.

So, this Monetha’s Community Meet-up happened in a world known co-working space called WeWork and one of its branches is in Singapore.
So, in this Singapore branch, we invited two more companies to speak with Monetha, one of them was Copernicus Gold and its Chief Marketing Officer Stefano had a presentation title of “Mining explanation for a six year old”. So, including with that he also talked about what’s next for Copernicus Gold.
The second guest was a company called RateX and its CEO and founder Jake, talked about how they’re thinking of including blockchain’s technology into their product, which i think really has a use case.
So, the last speaker was Monetha and people who gathered around to Monetha’s community, a lot of them were token holders, a lot of them were interested in Monetha’s technology and what’s next and actually, this is what we talked about, what is expected on the 31st of March, when we’re going to have our product release happen.
So, after that we stayed for one more hour discussion about Monetha’s technology, about what community is expecting and what’s next for Decentralized Trust and Reputation System, so i want to thank everybody that came into WeWork, it was full house, we were over-subscribed, we couldn’t fill in any more people, so it was really exciting and a very warm and nice gathering of Monetha’s community.

From the content side, we released one blog, in which we hold the interview with Monethian, this time, Vygandas Masilionis, who is our Community Manager, a very hard working young man, who takes care of our community, so, most likely, if there is an answer from our side of your question, Vygandas is taking care of it. So, if you want to hear a little bit more about his very short professional background, but his motivation behind joining Monetha and what he likes about that product, please check out our blog.

So, this is the last week for Monetha in Singapore, now we’re traveling back to Switzerland and Lithuania, where our Software Development Office is and now it is the hotspot for Monetha’s operations because everything is focused for the 31st of March, that is actually why there hasn’t been a lot of news this week, because we’re super focused on building the software and there are some things that we don’t want to spoil, that we don’t want to say before its release, just because there is a competitive advantage lined into that. So, either way, have patience, the 31st of March is approaching very fast, so on the other side, Singapore was really amazing experience in terms of building the business presence here, building our network and very soon we will decide where our Southeast Asia’s Office will lie in.

So, i really want to thank you for your attention for listening to 34th Monetha’s Week In Review, as always, they are coming on Monday, so, see you next Monday.

Thank you so much and see you very soon. Bye-Bye!