August 5, 2019 #MTHmonthinreview

Monetha’s Platform | #MTHMonthInReview 02

Quick Version

0:07 – Introducing Monetha’s Platform and its layers
0:50 – The Monetha Platform’s use-cases
0:57 – Monetha Platform workshop
1:37 – Scoring layer blog
1:58 – Verifiable data layer blog: Create digital identity on Quorum
2:21 – Monetha Platform’s webpage
2:41 – Monetha’s tech developments on GitHub


Hi Monetha comrades, welcome to Monetha’s Month In Review number 2

This month, I want to present you something that we have been working for a long long time and that is a technological product – Monetha’s Platform.

After grueling years of work of developing Monetha’s payment gateway, Monetha’s dealmaking application, DTRS – Decentralized Trust and Reputation System, ICO Analyzer and other products, now we have gathered that knowledge of our technical team and focus on Monetha’s Platform.

It consists of four different layers: Action layer, Scoring layer, Verifiable data layer and Distributed ledger layer. All of them present themselves with different capabilities of solving problems in different industries, starting from healthcare, food supply, supply chain, insurance and many many more.

This platform is a major undertaking, that’s why we have organized a workshop of two days for our team to fully focus on this mission. Platform is something that we believe in very strongly as mentioned, it can solve many problems in different industries. We have discussed the different capabilities, how technologically it will work and what will be the next steps of implementing Monetha’s Platform.

So, after the workshop we’re inspired to apply the knowledge and apply the technology, the best way possible. And now, I want to present you with two of the four layers.

Scoring layer can give you the reputational score by calculating, aggregating and distributing the reputational scores of an entity or a person. We have prepared a blog in which we explain how the Scoring layer works. To see that, don’t hesitate to visit our blog, the link is in the description below.

The second layer I want to present to you today is the Verifiable data layer which works on Quorum – the private edition of Ethereum and we have provided a step-by-step guide how you can interact with this layer and build your own digital identity. So, prepare some coffee for yourselves developers because the step-by-step guide is below this video.

The Monetha’s team is already making a great progress on developing this technology and for you to understand better, all the value propositions that we provide with Monetha’s Platform, we have redefined and recreated our website. Go visit and enjoy our new website at

This edition of Monetha’s Month In Review was all about the technology and if you want to follow the latest updates, follow our GitHub in which you will find the latest developments of Monetha’s Platform, Payment and Reputational contracts and, of course, our Javascript and GO SDKs.

This is it for this edition of Monetha’s Month In Review in which we covered two of the four layers of Monetha’s Platform. We’re so proud of this development and we’re looking forward to and we have a lot of expectations of this solution. Blockchain is still looking for that one big use-case that can be done with the help of this beautiful technology. In the next edition I’m going to present you some other news which includes both the technology and our company, so I will see you in four weeks in the next Monetha’s Month In Review. Bye-Bye!

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