September 5, 2019 #MTHmonthinreview

White Paper Roadmap – Completed! | #MTHmonthinreview 03

Quick Version

0:27 – Monetha’s award-winning PoC app for UNICEF’s challenge
1:01 – ETHBerlin and DappCon conferences
1:18 – Monetha’s White Paper Roadmap – Completed!
1:34 – White Paper products and features developed
1:51 – Monetha’s Platform and products outside White Paper
2:23 – Monetha’s tech developments on GitHub


Hello dear Monethians, welcome to Monetha’s Month In Review – the third episode.

You probably have been wondering, what the buzz is all about over the last few weeks. And now, we can state that this episode is special. We can finally announce that Monetha’s Roadmap is completed! This is of course the main news of the month, I will go back to it, but now, I have something more for you.

Our senior software engineer Martynas has created a proof of concept for UNICEF’s challenge. UNICEF is trying to reach the equality for every school in the world to get the best services the internet can provide. So, Martynas has written code, both interface and the back-end with the help of the distributed ledger technology and Martynas has done it through Monetha’s SDKs. It only took him four days, that proves not only the competency of our team, but also, the power that this technology can provide.

Our software developers have participated in two events: ETHBerlin and DappCon, Decentralized App Con, which happened in Berlin, Germany. Where they gathered the latest information when it comes to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. So, we promise to apply that knowledge to our tech.

On to the main news, as we have stated in the beginning of this video, we have finished our roadmap and now I want to give a word to our CTO Andrej who will tell more about this achievement.

Andrej: Hello everyone, I’m very pleased to say that we have completed the White Paper’s Roadmap! Let’s take a look at what we have done. We implemented the Loyalty Program, the Token Holder Program, Mobile Wallet, E-commece payments with Crypto and Fiat and we also support the set up for the Retail. We are very proud to say that we have managed to do that within the timeline that we stated in the White Paper Roadmap.

While working on our commitments, we developed a technology that allows us to go beyond the functionality described in the White Paper and it includes: Reputational Identity, Deal-making App, Blockchain Analyzer and many more. In addition to that, flexible SDKs allow you to experiment even with other use-cases where you need to manage the shared data or multiple parties. And as an example, our team member Martynas recently participated in a hackathon organized by UNICEF and he won the first prize developing an application within several days.

We are very excited to continue working on our technology and its adoption. We constantly post to our GitHub, so make sure to catch up with us there and see you soon!

Justas: The end of Monetha’s White Paper marks a new chapter for us, but we will not stop hhere, so I will see you in four weeks in the next Monetha’s Month In Review. Bye-Bye!


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