October 7, 2019 #MTHmonthinreview

Create great dApps using Monetha’s SDK | #MTHmonthinreview 04

Quick Version

0:15 – Short clip of a new Monetha office
0:35 – Manage digital identities on Hyperledger Besu (Pantheon) network
0:57 – Integrate crypto wallet into your dApp
1:23 – Take an in-depth look at Monetha’s Verifiable Data layer
2:03 – Supply chain problems, blockchain solutions and our take on it
2:27 – Monetha’s Platform explained simply


Hello Monethians, welcome to Monetha’s Month In Review number 4 .

As you all know, our white paper is complete and that marks a new era for us, which includes not only tech developments but also – a new office. Take a look at our new home.

You can already start creating dApps, decentralized applications with the help of Monetha’s SDK. We have released a new guide which explains how to manage identities on blockchain with the help of Hyperledger. So, if you want to start doing that, go to our blog and read all the instructions how to use Monetha’s SDK.

Want to build some more? Well, integrating cryptocurrency wallet into your decentralized application is quite a hard thing, especially when we have in mind the volatile implementation of Web 3.0. So, for this we have prepared a new guide in which we explain how to make this thing. So, in order to do that, go to our blog and you’ll save a lot of time, especially I’m talking about the developers.

If you are following our developments closely, you know that Monetha’s Platform has four different layers. The first layer, we have already talked about – the Scoring layer, but the second layer – Verifiable Data layer, we want to go a little bit in-depth in that. The current solutions only take in consideration the averages and not necessarily the personalized expectations of the subjects. So, with Monetha’s Verifiable Data layer we take a very close look and pay attention at personalization, trustworthiness and the security of the data. If you want to take a deeper look at what we have built within our second layer, please, read our blog.

There is zero doubt that blockchain is a technology that can bring efficiency to many different domains and that’s why we wanted to explore which ones. First of all, we want to take a deeper look at supply chain were obviously there are a lot of ways to improve on and blockchain can help. How? Read our blog and you’ll find out. The link is in the description below.

The solution in solving complex problems in healthcare, supply chain, business consortiums and many different domains lies in Monetha’s Platform. It is a toolkit that enables secure and tamper-proof way to exchange data, especially sensitive data, in a public and private manner. In addition to that, having instant verification, incentivizations and many different mechanisms which enables data exchange to be flawless. Well, if that sounds a little bit too complex, you can read our blog, educate yourselves about it and find out how Monetha Platform can solve problems in many different domains.

That’s all I have for you this month, get occupied by reading our guides and understanding how Monetha’s Platform works, and if you are a developer, well, you are in luck. If you want to build decentralized applications, we will help you do that with the assistance of Monetha’s Platform.

I will see you in four weeks in the next Monetha’s Month In Review. Bye-Bye!


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