November 4, 2019 #MTHmonthinreview

Private data exchange/PwC Scale Fintech programme/Action layer | #MTHmonthinreview 05

Quick Version

0:06 – Mobile app update: Digital Identity – private data exchange
1:13 – CTO Andrej participates in PwC’s Scale Fintech programme
1:35 – Introducing the Action layer


Hello Monethians, welcome to Monetha’s Month In Review number 5 .

We have released a new app update, a big improvement to Monetha’s Digital Identity and that is personal and private data exchange. Using Monetha’s Digital Identity, you are the one who controls and owns your data, you are the one who gives access to it only to those who you trust. So, with no intermediaries, we provide the full security with state of the art cryptography. No centralized authority can take away your data. This development really brings new opportunities for people, businesses and institutions to share their data.

With this app update, you can write your own data into the Digital Identity and read or share the data that is provided to you by third parties. All of these actions are confirmed with three mechanisms: password, Face ID or Fingerprint sensor. Update the app and if you need some guidance, we have prepared some videos for you, which will explain how to use Monetha’s Digital Identity. You’ll find those videos in the description below.

Our CTO Andrej participates in PwC’s, one of the largest consulting firms in the world, program called – Scale Fintech, which happens in Germany. In this program, Andrej showcases Monetha’s Platform’s capabilities in one specific use-case. This brings a lot of opportunities for us, so we’ll update you on how this program goes.

The Action layer of Monetha’s Platform is a decentralized payments and order processing solution. Which means that the buyer and the service provider can interact with each other with no third parties via smart contracts. If you want to learn how to use it and how that works, read our blog, the link is in the description below.

That’s all I have for you this month, but I will see you in four weeks, in the next Monetha’s Month In Review, where I will present you with the news of what happened in Monetha’s universe. Bye-Bye!


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