December 2, 2019 #MTHmonthinreview

Private data request via link/Distributed ledger & storage/Amazon Web AMI | #MTHmonthinreview 06

Quick Version

0:15 – App update: Share private data request via link
0:38 – Visit our Platform page and start building!
0:57 – Monetha’s AMI for Amazon Web Services


Hi Monetha friends, welcome to Monetha’s Month In Review number 6 .

Justas: Most of our news this month is from the development side, that’s why I’m bringing in our CTO and co-founder Andrej!

Andrej: Hello everyone! We have released an app update that allows you to easily share your private data entries from your digital identity. Now, in addition to scanning a QR code that we had previously, you can send a link to a requestor and allow him to access the data in a secure manner. You can download the new version of our application by following the link in the description below.

Data ownership and data security is the key features of our Platform, and we also support multiple distributed ledgers, like Quorum, Ethereum, Hyperledger BESU, in order to experiment with multiple use cases. And this concludes the introduction to our Platform’s layers, so please visit our website, read more and start building new solutions.

We have also created the AMI image for Amazon Web Services, which enables you to easily bootstrap the Quorum distributed ledger with Monetha Platform. In other words, it allows you to skip the preparation and start building applications with our SDK instantly.

Justas: That’s all we have for you this month. Please follow our social media for the fastest updates on what’s happening in Monetha universe and I will see you in four weeks in the next Monetha’s Month In Review. Bye-Bye!


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