March 2, 2020 #MTHmonthinreview

Monetha and Wolfram Partnership! | #MTHmonthinreview 09


Great things are now… and ahead! Welcome to Monetha’s Month In Review number 9!

This month, we have a major announcement which I’m sure that our fans who are tech enthusiasts will definitely appreciate. So, here we go!

We are honored and proud to announce that Monetha has become a partner with Wolfram company. Wolfram Blockchain Labs is a subsidiary of Wolfram company which has been established by a world famous mathematician and a legend in a tech space – Stephen Wolfram.

With over 800 employees, this company provides services to largest Fortune 500 companies for them to be at the cutting-edge of the technology in the computational space. This includes: IBM, Apple, Microsoft, NASA, Goldman Sachs and many many more. And now, Wolfram has taken a step to become a large player in the blockchain space and we are very glad to be able to help them!

In partnership with WBL, we’re looking to join forces with our Research and Development, and provide as much expertise as possible, of what we have collected over the three years of Monetha’s existence. And in return, we’re getting the knowledge that Wolfram company has collected over the decades of their experience in the computational space. This means that Monetha’s technology coupled with Wolfram Blockchain Labs intelligence will provide opportunities for both companies to achieve the things that haven’t been possible before. That’s why we’re so excited to work with WBL because we’re looking to solve problems in the Identity and Trust and Reputation industry.

This is the main thing that we wanted to cover this month. If you want to have a better knowledge of what this partnership is all about, we have written a blog in which we have also quotes from the legendary Stephen Wolfram – the CEO of Wolfram. The CEO of Wolfram Blockchain Labs – Jon Woodard. Andrej, our CTO and myself.

Again, we’re super excited about this! If you want to have a better knowledge of what Wolfram does and what are the possibilities, please Google them. They have vast information about this company, a legendary company in the US and all over the world in the tech industry. So, I will see you next month with more news in the next Monetha’s Month In Review. See ya!


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