April 7, 2020 #MTHmonthinreview

Reputational Identity | #MTHmonthinreview 10

Quick Version

0:29 – Problems of today’s personal data privacy, security and digital identities.
1:28 – The solution is Monetha’s Reputational Identity
2:14 – Guides: Create and manage Digital Identities on Quorum and Hyperledger blockchains
2:30 – Go technical on Reputational Identity in GitHub
2:36 – Academic proof of Reputational Identity’s private data exchange


How are you, Monethians? I hope you are safe and healthy, and for the next three minutes – welcome to Monetha’s month in review number 10

Over the past month, we’ve received media attention, have further developed our tech and continued business talks with possible clients.
It was also the time when we focused on publishing content on one of our products – the Reputational Identity. So, in this video, we want to overview this exact product.

There are many problems the way your personal data is handled in today’s digital landscape. You do not have any right to own or manage your personal data. By agreeing to pages and pages of terms and conditions, you grant big companies the right to use your data. If you do not accept their terms and conditions, then you do not have access to their service. Companies whose products or services you use on a daily basis use your data and sell it to advertisers and other entities. All of this without your permission.

Another set of issues is that your personal data is scattered all across the web. You have little control over it with no ability to transfer it to other service providers, or often see how it is used. We believe that everyone should be able to re-use or even monetize their data, would it be reputation that you’ve built up while making purchases or other information that someone sees as valuable. And that’s where Monetha’s Reputational Identity comes in.

It gives you full ownership and control of your data with state of the art security and privacy. It prevents frequent data breaches that result in compromised private information and identity theft. With Reputational Identity only you can grant access to your personal information. You can securely exchange and manage data without intermediary and without worrying it will be compromised. It is transparent and censorship-resistant. It verifies data sources and transfers it securely.
No central authority can censor your identity or take it away. You can visit Reputational Identity page and learn more or download the app and try it out. The link is in the description below.

Do you want to implement a custom solution for your network or consortium? Monetha guides can help you create and manage digital identity on Quorum and Hyperledger blockchains with all the necessary tools and examples. The links are in the description below.

If you want to know how we built Reputational Identity, you can visit our Github and go in-depth into technicalities and even read expert evaluation of Monetha’s private data exchange.

Well, that’s all we wanted to cover in this video. I hope we explained a little bit better of what Reputational Identity is, and If you’re interested in that and would like to collaborate with us, we would love to hear from you. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy! See ya!


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