June 11, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Mobile App Update/Singapore visit/Conference/Nominations/Interview | #WeekInReview051

Quick Version

0:10 – Mobile App Update #1
0:27 – Trip to Singapore
1:48 – “25 and Under in Northern Europe”
2:03 – Monetha spoke at the LOGIN 2018
2:17 – Monetha included in the Forbes list
2:28 – Interview with Growth Executive – Tomas


Hi Monetha friends, hope you’re doing well, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 51!

A lot to discuss and announce today and I want to start with the software. We have pushed our update, the first update of Monetha beta live version. So, what you can do is go to your app store or go to google play and update the app. We have fixed some things, we have tweaked some things and made the app better for you!

Monetha has won a startup competition, in which main prize was an acceleration to Singapore. So, we sent Vygandas, the team member of Monetha in Singapore where he held Monetha’s meet-up and also has visited PayPal’s Innovation Lab in which he learned a few things about product development. More about that, in the video report from V.

(In Singapore, Monethian – Vygandas)

Vygandas: Hi, Monetha followers, it’s Vygandas from Singapore. Monetha has won an acceleration program in Singapore, which is focused on product development. So, I have traveled here to learn more about blockchain and product development from local companies. Last week, I visited PayPal, Amazon web services, Block 71 and other companies. It was a really interesting time to discuss with those companies about their product development strategy and blockchain itself. Also, I have presented Monetha at the Singapore Blockchain Hub, where we had an opportunity to discuss with local companies about how they are going to implement blockchain in their businesses and what are the real use cases of it.

So, yeah it was a really interesting and busy week for me and Monetha but it’s time to fly back to Lithuania, to our Software Development Office, see you there!

(Software Development Office, Vilnius, Lithuania)

So, what do Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin and Monetha’s co-founder Laurynas Jokubaitis have in common? Well, they are both inducted into Northern Europe’s 25 and Under list. We have provided the article in the description below.

Monetha has participated in the biggest tech conference in Lithuania in which we spoke at ICO panel discussion together with BitDegree, Mysterium Network and the member of the board of Lithuania’s Central Bank.

Forbes has included Monetha’s co-founders in the article about the blockchain innovators, who are under the age of 30. The article is in the description below.

(Interview with Monethian – Tomas)

Justas: So, Monetha followers, I want to introduce you to one special person, I’m very excited to do so, this is actually a premiere, we have never shown Tomas to our community.
So, Tomas, introduce yourself and tell a little bit more about your background.

Tomas: Thank you! So, as it was told, my name is Tomas. I’m a former founder turned growth executive. I was working on my own tech startups here in Europe and most recently a few years ago, moved to San Francisco focusing more on growth topics and go to market. I was working for “500 Startups” and advising, you know a bunch of their portfolio companies and most recently working with “Browserstack”, leading the growth efforts there. Yeah, and now, super into blockchain technology.

Justas: So, given the fact that you are interested in the blockchain technology and have such a profound experience in startups, how did Monetha’s name came about and how did you get interested in our company?

Tomas: Yeah, first time i learned about Monetha was from one of the investors actually, yeah we had an investor dinner and the name came across, I started to ask a little bit more about it, started to do my own research and the…

Justas: The kind of serendipity happened because we contacted you, too!

Tomas: Yeah, so that was like an easy or soft way, soft landing I would say, where you guys, you know, you called me, I already I knew who I’m going to talk to, so I was interested to learn more from you directly, not you know, from just the media, so I had a chance to with you guys, with everyone and especially after talking with the tech team and understanding who’s behind, I realized that there’s a lot of potential there and it’s worth approaching the problem the way you approach it.

Justas: So, you have, you know, the background that, you know, actually has a substance to solve this problem. You’re interested in technology, so, how you’re going to set the goals and how you’re going to get there, what is your idea in working in Monetha and solving those tasks we have?

Tomas: Yeah, I think, given the circumstances, you know, my background and what I was focusing on most recently, what I want to and what I’m bringing actually to the table is pretty much two things. One, is actually getting the product and the idea to do sort of a product fit, which allows us to kind of graduate from the traction stage…

Justas: This is where most startups fail.

Tomas: Yes, that’s from my experience, that’s like where the “wannabe” startups fail, actually, because they never get to that point. But, in this case, I feel like we can get to product market fit relatively fast, then I can actually “turn on the heat”, focusing on the growth architecture and the go to market strategies.

Justas: Gotcha. So, as mentioned, we’re super excited to have Tomas help us with our product, it has been already two weeks that you’re here, I’ve seen your magic, I’ve seen the things that you’re dealing with the product team and I really like it, so best of luck in doing so!

Tomas: Awesome! Thanks a lot!

(End of the interview)

So, these are all the announcements that we wanted to make this week, I will see you in seven days as always, in Monetha’s Week In Review.

Have a great week and bye-bye!