August 19, 2017 Miscellaneous

Monetha Announces Hard Cap and Total Token Supply

After conducting extensive market research, calculating potential funds, assessing development scenarios and precisely observing ETH prices and forecasts, we decided to set our hard cap.

If you’ve read our Whitepaper, you’ll know that most of our funds will be used for marketing, sales and business development.

After a successful ICO, we also plan to relocate to Singapore for it’s supportive Fin-tech environment, as well as the fact that the Ethereum foundation is now based there.

Whilst calculating the Monetha ICO hard cap, we’ve of course had in mind the fact that some ICOs before us have been greedy and unfair to investors.  We believe the Monetha hard cap we’ve set to be very reasonable and fair to our investors.  We also believe it to be a figure in which is comfortably attainable to reach and one that’ll create more demand in the post-ICO market.

Having this sensible hard cap will make the demand much larger than the supply.

Let’s remember that Monetha was built for the Ethereum community, by the Ethereum community. Thus we want to make conditions fair to everyone.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch our ICO on a first-come, first-served basis, without a pre-sale, without a whitelist.

The Monetha Hard Cap Is…

So without further ado, let’s introduce you to our hard cap:

If the hard cap is reached, we will NOT be accepting any additional contributions.

Any additional transactions made to our ICO wallet will be CANCELLED and returned to the original sender.

Just to remind you: Our soft cap is EUR 7m (fixed on 28,000 ETH), while the minimum goal is EUR 700k (fixed on 2800 ETH).

But What About The Token Supply?

With the hard cap announced, you may have some questions about our maximum token supply available, so here it is:
Maximum token supply if the hard cap is reached:

It’s important to highlight, that all the unsold coins during ICO will be burned.

This means that we’ll NOT be creating any additional tokens after the ICO end.