April 9, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Monetha App public release in June/MTH Club Gifts are being shipped/Live Q&A/Blog post | #WeekInReview042

Quick Version

0:46 – Monetha App public release in the end of June.
0:55 – Live Q&A with Monetha Co-Founders Andrej Ruckij and Justas Pikelis.
1:16 – “All e-commerce is a dark net” blog post.
1:37 – MTH Club gifts are being shipped out.
2:00 – MTH Token Holders, download Monetha App, if you don’t have MTH, visit here.


Hello Monetha friends, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 42.

This is the second Monetha’s Week In Review after the official Monetha App release on the 31st of March for MTH Token Holders and we want to tell that we’re overwhelmed by the positive feedback that we receive from our community. The users are using our application in many different ways as a deal making app and this is very important to us, the feedback is very important to us.
How you’re using this app: Do you like it? What do you like about it? What you don’t like about it? What is the initial feeling when using the application?
All this feedback will be registered by our support team and we will reiterate and then add functionality according to that. This is very important to us, as right now, officially we want to announce that our product release, the public release is going to happen at the end of June.

Last week, we’ve pushed two pieces of content. One of them was Live Q&A with our CTO and Co-Founder Andrej Ruckij. For 45 minutes, we were answering the questions about our product and what is the future for the public release of Monetha’s application. Check it out, the link is in the description below.

The second piece of content is the blog, in which we talk about that all e-commerce is dark net in the aspect of that there is no customer experience of trust. So, we tell how with the Monetha app we’re going to enable not only the trust factor but the customer satisfaction. Read that in our internal blog.

Great news for MTH Contributors Club participants, we are starting to ship the gifts! So, if you have not yet registered for MTH Contributors Club, you’re eligible to that, if you have participated in our ICO, please do that, because great gifts, as merchandise, books or even Apple Watch is waiting for you.

This is it for this week, i want to encourage you once again to download our application on iOS or Android devices, if you have Monetha tokens. If you don’t have them, they’re easily accessible on big exchanges, like: Binance, HitBTC, KuCoin and others.
This testing of the application and the feedback for application is very important to us, as we will reiterate and use that information to build even better version of Monetha’s app when the public release is going to happen.

Thank you so much for your attention, i will see you on next Monday in Monetha’s Week In Review. Bye-Bye.