July 9, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Monetha community meet-up in Japan/App update #5/Blog | #WeekInReview055

Quick Version

0:24 – “Why Monetha feels like the best place to be?” blog
0:43 – Product leadership team remains in Silicon Valley
0:59 – App Update #5
1:19 – Overview of the three-day trip to Tokyo
1:34 – Footage from Monetha community meet-up in Tokyo
2:43 – BIG thanks to the community in Japan!!


Konichiwa Monetha followers, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 55.

As you probably already can tell, this episode will be dedicated to Japan! We visited our Japanese community and more about that at the end of this episode and right now, I want to talk about what happened in Monetha’s office over the last seven days.

Very interesting article was published by a Monethian named Monika. Monika is our recruiter and she talks about her philosophy of recruiting and what it takes to attract the best talent to Monetha… which is our mission! Read more about that in our blog!

Just a quick reminder that our product leadership team is now spending time in Silicon Valley together with the best blockchain and tokenization experts in order for them to implement that knowledge into our product. Best regards and best of luck to Tomas and Laurynas.

Every week, we’re pushing out a new update to our application. It is for optimization and bringing new features to our app. This time, it is quite important. We are able right now to categorize deals. So, if you want to see this implementation in our user interface, update the application in the App Store or Google Play. 

Now, I want to report about the three days that I have spent in Tokyo, together with our ICO contributors, MTH token holders and Monetha community. We have prepared a video footage for you, so please, enjoy.

(At the Monetha community meet-up in Tokyo)

Here we are right now at the beautiful Tokyo in which we are having Monetha’s community meet-up, which is organized by Kodama-san. This community is interested in blockchain technology, crypto, they are ICO contributors, they are Monetha token holders, I cannot wait until we get a full room of people in Monetha’s community meet-up and it would be a sin, it would be a sin not to show you what’s behind the window of the 30th floor of the room that Monetha’s community meet-up is being held. WOW! Such a beautiful city Tokyo really is. Spending time here, you can just see that people are so interested especially in the cryptocurrency but also in blockchain technology and how that can change the industry that they are working in and today I will talk exactly about that and what’s next for Monetha. Can’t wait for this room to fill up and it’s going to happen really soon!

(At the Software Development Office)

So, we had an amazing time spending together with Monetha’s community in Japan. We’re looking forward to seeing them again and we want to thank them for their big support!

I will see you after seven days in the next Monetha’s Week In Review and up until that, follow our news on our social media. Thank you so much for your attention, arigato, and bye-bye!