July 2, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Monetha Gets Listed In Top ICO Lists, Positive Feedback from The BitCoin.org Community, and A New Advisor Joins The Team | #ICOWeekInReview #001

Monetha ICO Week 1… We get listed on Top ICO lists, positive feedback from the BitCoin.org community, and A New Advisor Joins The Team.

Quick Version

  • 00:21 – What is the #WeekInReview?
  • 00:39 – Monetha gets listed on the top ICO lists
  • 00:54 – Positive feedback from the BitCoin.org community
  • 01:08 – FeeFighters founder joins the Monetha Advisory Board


Hello everyone, this is Justas from Monetha and this is the first review of Monetha’s week.

For those who don’t know who we are, go check us out at monetha.io.  But I’m assuming if you’re watching this video you already know about our team, about our technology, and about our ICO.

This is going to be the video series that we’re going to do every week.  In this video series we’re going to review the past 7 days and the progress that Monetha made.

The last 7 days were really significant for Monetha because we started our ICO campaign and we already made some progress.  We go included in these ICO lists:  Smith + Crown, ICOchecker.com, ICO Alert, ICO Tracker, Week In Ethereum News, and ICO Bazaar.

We’re really excited that we drew attention from these lists, and we want to thank the BitCoin.org community members for overwhelming positive reviews and comments that we got in our thread.  To check our thread, go to bitcoin.org, and then to the sub forum of /altcoin announcements.

And here are the big news that you may already know from our social media; If you don’t know, now you will know, that we have a new advisor to our advisory board.  His name is Sean Harper.  If you’ve never heard about Sean, Sean is a famous Entrepreneur from the United States and his most significant accomplishment was that he was a founder and CEO of a company called FeeFighters.  FeeFighters was a payment technology company that was later aquired by ecommerce giant, Groupon.  You’ve probably heard about Groupon.

It’s a worldwide company that is worth billions of dollars, and FeeFighters later became Groupon Payments.  More over, Sean is a thought leader and influencer on product and payments.  So this proves that he’s going to be a huge addition to Monetha’s team.  That he’s going to be an advisor on the domain of product and payments.  So this is going to help Monetha build a scalable that’s working together flawlessly with the Decentralised Trust and Reputation System.

This is the progress that we’ve made over the past 7 days.  If you want to be the first one to find out about news as it’s released, follow us on Twitter, join our Slack channel, like our Facebook, Subscriber to our Newsletter.  Whichever social media platform is the most comfortable to you.

So this was the review of Monetha’s first week.  See you next week, and bye bye.


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