January 23, 2018 Product Development

Monetha has launched its Demo Test Shop!

Hello Monetha followers!

Last Friday, on 19th of January, we proudly announced our MVP update. Today we want to give you a chance to get in touch with that update in the test environment for workflow!

We launched Monetha’s Demo Shop where you can try the workflow by yourself. Let’s take a quick guide about this test shop:

1. DO NOT SEND REAL ETH! This is Monetha demo shop on sandbox environment, running on Ropsten testnet. Ropsten network is like a real Ethereum network but with artificial ETH. The most important thing is to use your Ethereum wallet in Ropsten Network, we recommend to do that using MetaMask.

2. In order to see all workflow you need to have test ETH. You have to choose Ropsten Network on MetaMask. Click “Buy button” and in the following window - “Ropsten Test Faucet” where you can ask for test ETH. Once you get them, you can do payments using the Ropsten Network.

3. Finally, it’s time to test the workflow! Choose the items you would like to “purchase” and do a checkout. AGREE THAT YOU WILL USE ROPSTEN TESTNET WALLET FOR THE TRANSACTION.

4. Scan QR code or copy the wallet address and send test ETH. Once the transaction is successful, next window will appear where you can see details of your deal.


If you have any more questions about this test shop, let us know on Telegram or at [email protected]. Our support is looking forward to help on this or any other topic.