September 12, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Monetha Lists On, The Team Split Into 2 Camps, & A New Partnership Deal With Leading Food Delivery Company | #ICOWeekInReview 012

Monetha ICO Week 12… Monetha list on, the team split into 2 camps, & a new partnership deal with leading food delivery company.

Quick Version

  • 00:09 – Monetha lists on
  • 00:40 – The team split into 2 camps
  • 01:10 – We unveil our recruitment strategy
  • 01:43 – New partnership with leading food delivery company
  • 02:58 – Chairman of Foodout Group shares his enthusiasm for Monetha


Hello Monetha followers, investors, and token holders. This is Monetha’s weekend review number 12.

This week we’ve been listed on in which you can see the market cap is beneath the price of MTH opened at 24 hour volume that Monetha is being traded on, and the exchanges that we are listed on. So at the moment, the only exchange is the peer-to-peer etherdelta, which we recommend you proceed with caution, since it’s not a partner of Monetha, but very soon you will see us listed on the major exchanges as promised four weeks after the ICO.

So at the moment Monetha’s team is split into two camps. One camp is developing partnerships with exchanges from the business side, and the other side of the camp is working hard on the development of the product, and hiring the top-notch developers for us to develop the product of Monetha. So as a very famous person told, “At the moment, this is for us, the main focus is exchanges and developers, developers, developers.”

So in addition to acquiring the best talent when it comes to software development, we’re also looking for people who would have big experience in payments and in product, scientists in the trust & reputation field. We’re also looking for a chief product officer, a person who would have a large experience and big understanding of payment products. So building this is very important to us, and this is a very intensive period of time when we are building the team that will be top tier.

This week we want to announce a new partnership, a partnership that will help us to diversify our portfolio of merchants, which is also very important for us to develop the product to the different needs of the merchants. So this partnership is with a group called Foodout. They’re present in six countries, they’re a food delivery company. A very similar analog to UberEATS and Deliveroo. They’re doing $30 million in food delivery every year, and they are present in six countries, which is Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine and very important new market to us is Iran, middle east country, and this is one step forward into our go-to market, which is east. And just because this is a partnership that gives us a wide variety of merchants, an understanding of our new markets, this will help us as we go on along at our go-to market, which is Asia.

So we are very happy to have this partnership. Read more about it in the description below, there is a link provided about this partnership. Together with the quotes of both representatives of the companies.

Chairman Of Foodout Group Shares Explains Decision Behind The Deal

Hi, my name is Tomas and I am chairman of the Foodout group. We’re leaders in food delivery in six countries. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Iran. We were getting inquiries from our customers to add the possibility to pay with a cryptocurrency. Especially we were seeing those inquiries in the countries where the currency exchange is fluctuating, like in Iran and Ukraine. We started searching and we found Monetha, which for us seemed to be a good solution to launch in all countries because of the simplicity and the good price proposal. So we’re very happy we have partnership, and keen in launching the solution in all our countries.

Closing Words

So with this I want to end the 12th week in review of Monetha. We will see you next week, and if you have any questions always, you can reach out to us in Slack, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, whichever the social media platform is the most comfortable to you.

So see you next week for more news of Monetha. Bye-bye.