September 26, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Monetha Lists On Top 5 Exchange, We Travel Back To Switzerland, & Post-ICO Capital Management Begins | #ICOWeekInReview 014

Monetha ICO Week 014… Monetha lists on top 5 exchange – HitBTC, the team travels back to Switzerland, & we begin post-ICO capital management.

Quick Version

  • 00:10 – Monetha lists on top 5 exchange, HitBTC
  • 00:21 – [Blog] Upcoming changes to Token Exchanges
  • 00:52 – LIVE Q&A reveals product development insights
  • 01:09 – KPMG, Swiss banks, and Exchanges
  • 01:52 – Post-ICO capital management begins


Hello Monetha friends, welcome to Monetha’s Weekend Review number 14.

This week, a lot has been moved forward. We have been listed on the HitBTC exchange. HitBTC is usually the top five exchange in the world in terms of 24-hour volume. When it comes to the exchanges, we also published a new blog on Medium, which writes about the current changing landscape and the situation when it comes to exchanges. Anybody that’s asking us questions about Bitrix or Liquid Listing, Monetha, you should read that blog because a lot of useful information has been provided there.

When we’re talking about questions, we saw that there were a lot of questions piling up in terms of software development, in terms of Monetha strategy, that’s why we have published on Facebook a one-hour-long Q&A together with me and our product lead, Lawrynas. I highly recommend you to watch that to get in more in-depth about our strategy and the current development of Monetha.

The biggest event that has happened in Monetha this week has been a trip to Lugano, Switzerland, in which we did a lot of stuff when it comes to legal things, when it comes to banking and cash now, creating the relationships. More about that, we have create a separate video.

We’re in Lugano, Switzerland, in which we spent two days. In those days, we’ve met our KPMG lawyers and consultants, with which we discussed the further legal basis of Monetha. Also met one exchange. In addition to that, met with banks, which will liquidate the part of our Ethereum into fiat currencies for us to run on the operations.

We’ve also we met our financial advisor, Paolo Rebuffo, with whom we discussed the current situation with the exchanges. Also discussed the capital management of Monetha’s company that he helps us with, as well.

Yeah, very two busy and long days in Switzerland, but it was very effective and productive.

This is it for this week. We have more updates coming up next week, a lot of things in the pipeline, and we are very excited to share them with you on the next Monetha’s Weekend Review. See you very soon.