June 4, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview



Hi Monetha friends,

This is a special edition, an anniversary of Monetha’s Week In Review, the 50th one!

So, we had some news over the last week, but the major announcement that we want to give you today is a serendipity. Because on the 50th Monetha’s Week In Review, we have released our Beta version publicly!

So, now it is live on (Apple) App Store and Google Play!

To tell more about it – Andrej!

Andrej: Yeah, so this version of application covers the basic flow that the buyers and sellers on the marketplaces can do, so they can make deals, start solving claims, or initiate claims if there are any and also get tokens for their good behavior and intended behavior within the ecosystem. And for us as I was mentioning earlier, it’s very important that you try it out and see what would be the good additions to our app, or what should be removed and so on.
So, please tell your friends, try out by yourself and get Monetha buyer protection when making deals and yeah, share feedback with us.

Justas: Yeah, exactly, I want to reiterate on what Andrej just said, it’s very important that you would share the news of Monetha’s application with your friends who are buyers for them to have the buyer protection.
For those who are sellers, for them to build their reputation and share it across the platforms, also, have tokens for a good behavior.

This is important for us: not for user acquisition but for the further development that is being done by our team and when we’re talking about teams, an amazing job, when it comes to our product team: Erikas, Laurynas, others. Also the tech team: Martynas, Slava, Liudas, really big big ups for those guys. All of the development team was really very efficient on that and of course, also our tech lead, Andrej.

So, the news that we had over the last seven days, we’re going to tell them on the next Monetha’s Week In Review, now it’s the celebration for our MTH token holders, celebration for those who really support Monetha. We want to thank you for that and let’s continue that by you sharing feedback and we will do the best job, so that our application would be as good as possible.

So, once again, thank you so much and bye-bye!

Andrej: Thank you!