April 2, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Monetha Mobile App and Website launch | #WeekInReview041

Quick Version

0:08 – Monetha Mobile App and Website is live!
0:58 – Interview with Monetha’s CTO – Andrej Ruckij
2:22 – Facebook Live Q&A with Andrej Ruckij and Justas Pikelis


Hello Monetha friends, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 41.

Our App is Live!!

This is the most important news in a long long time, our application is live, it is accessible by our token holders on Android devices and will be accessible by iOS devices as soon as Apple verifies it. Now it is pending but as soon as it is verified, we will let you know and we are super happy, super proud of the team that has delivered on its promise in a very short period of time. So, if you want to know more about the benefits, the power and how you can use Monetha’s app, we also launched a new website and this website is focused on our product. So, if you want to find out, how to use Monetha app, where to use Monetha app and how to get it, go to monetha.io .

(Interview with Monetha Co-Founder/Technology – Andrej)

Justas: So, here we are together with a person who’s responsible for Monetha’s technology, our CTO – Andrej Ruckij. And Andrej, please answer, what is the functionality that now can be used with the first version of Monetha’s mobile app that is now live.

Andrej: Yeah, so we included basic functionality in our mobile application, so you can sign up and set up your profile and start making deals with other parties and gain the reputation as such. And also, after you made several deals and have the reputation built, you can share it on your personal website as a powerseller, for example, on e-shop and in this way, you can transfer it to other channels. And also, in addition to that, powersellers, who want to accept the crypto payments, they can use new integrations with Magento, PrestoShop and others. So, check all that on our website, feel free to use that and provide us feedback, it’s very important for us for further versions that we want to keep coming out, so yeah.

Justas: So, actually, it is very impressive what the technical team has done in this short period of time, delivering on all of the core functionalities that Monetha has and now we will build on top of that and whatever the questions you might have, after testing our app and providing the feedback, we will address those questions, plus, the vision for the next updates of Monetha app on Tuesday in Monetha’s Live Q&A with our community. Me and Andrej will be present in that.

(End of the interview)

So, this is it, this is the main news: Monetha’s app is live, if you have any questions about it, our support team is in full effect. Choose the comfortable platform for you, whether that would be email, whether that would be social media channels and report any bugs that you might encounter through using our application, we will make it better as the time goes on and we will roll out the updates.

Super proud of the team, super happy that we did it and this was also a big contribution by you.

I will see you in seven days in the next Monetha’s Week In Review. Bye-Bye.