September 3, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Monetha Reach Hard Cap Of 95,000 ETH In Less Than 18 Minutes, Total Number Of Investors Revealed, & Next Steps | #ICOWeekInReview 011

Monetha ICO Week 11… We reached our hard cap of 95,000 ETH in less than 18 minutes, total number of investors revealed, & next steps.

Quick Version

  • 00:10 – The ICO was a huge success
  • 00:26 – Total number of ICO participants was…
  • 00:38 – How to buy Monetha tokens now
  • 00:48 – Find out what we’re working on right now


Hello Monetha’s community. This is Monetha’s Week in Review, Number 11.

What a historic week for Monetha. We have finished our ICO, which was successful. How successful? We have raised $37 million in 18 minutes, which was our hard cap of 95,000 ETH. We want to congratulate every single one of our investors who got in. There were over 2,200 of them. Congratulations and thank you. For those who didn’t get into our ICO, it is unfortunate, but you will be able to buy our token once we hit the exchanges, and as promised, we will get listed on the exchanges two to four weeks after the ICO.

So, as we became one of the largest ICOs ever, now it’s time to do the work, the real work begins. So as of now, we’re distributing bounty tokens to our partners, distributing bounty tokens to the bounty program, and we will start delivering the news as always. We will continue doing that with a week in review, we will continue doing that on Slack, which is going to be open on the 5th of September once our token will become transferable and officially we will end our crowd sale.

So we are really happy that you have so much attention for Monetha, but we don’t have so much resources at the moment to answer the questions, answer every single email, but we will do that. Every single email or message regarding Monetha will be answered. Just give us a few days to calculate and do all the technicalities that are needed to be done for the ICO.

So once again, I want to congratulate everybody that got into our ICO, and we will see you next week. The only change that is going to happen on the week in review is that it is going to happen not on Sundays, but on Mondays.

So this is the only change, and we will be communicating the progress of Monetha as we do have big announcements coming up. So once again, thank you, congratulations, and see you next week.