October 10, 2017 #MTHWeekInReview

Monetha Win 3rd Place, 3 Days Of Strategy, & The We Set Our Sights On The Next Exchange | #ICOWeekInReview 016

Monetha ICO Week 016… Monetha land 3rd place at Binance, 3 days of sales strategy and planning in the new office, & the next exchange to list Monetha.

Quick Version

  • 00:10 – Monetha land 3rd place in Binance competition
  • 01:05 – 3 days of sales strategy and planning in the new office
  • 01:50 – A 60 minute Q&A with Kellogg N. Fairbank
  • 02:55 – The next exchange to list Monetha


Hello, everyone. Welcome to Monetha’s Week In review, number 16.Binance competition has ended, and Monetha has placed third with 2,682 votes. I want to thank every person who has voted for Monetha personally, all the 2,682 people, for these votes. You have showed great comfort and great confidence in Monetha. Even a website was created for Monetha, called Monetha.xyz, in which you could see all the information from the voting.

Together with that, even a price pool was created by Monetha community. It has once again showed its strength.As mentioned, we placed third, but still, as of yet, there is no news. No new news in terms of how many points Binance will be listing. Once we have those news, we will let our community know as soon as possible.

We’ve had three very effective days, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in our new office. We’re still not going to show the full tour of this office, because there are still a few things that we want to change. Once that will be established, we will show you the full tour. These three days were effective because our sales and merchant acquisition lead, Kellogg N Fairbank, has visited Monetha’s headquarters.We have strategised a lot about the product. We have planned the next steps for Monetha, and it has been so effective. It is a big step forward for Monetha that Kellogg Fairbank has visited us for three days.

As a matter of fact, we have also given back to the community while doing a 60-minute live Q&A with Kellogg. It has been posted on … Well, the platform itself has been a Facebook Live video, but it is in all of our social media. If you want to check it out, if you missed it, it is in the description below.In addition to that, I want to thank everybody that participated and everybody that asked very intelligent questions. Intelligent questions are reasonable questions.

Our live video usually is 45 minutes, but we stretched it out to 60 minutes, because there were so many effective questions that we wanted to answer in detail. Once again, it is a very useful video that you should check it out. As a matter of fact, we are also doing next week the same live Q&A. This time with our CTO, Andrej Ruckij.

All the details, when it’s going to happen, will be posted in our social media, but next week, look forward to a live Q&A with Andrej.This Week In Review, number 16 is the first one that will have something that we want to make as a tradition. Every week, we will have the most frequently asked question in our social media platform, which is Telegram, Slack, Twitter, and others. Find out which is the most asked question and address it together with Week In Review.

This will become a tradition. This week, the most frequently asked question is when Polo? When Trex? Well, positioned in other words, it is when we will get listed on a new exchange.One thing that I wanted to make sure that everybody understands that we have not allocated our resources somewhere else. We’re still spending as much time as we used to in terms of getting into the exchanges.

We had … It has not shrunk. We understand it is very important for the community, for potential token holders and for the current token holders, for us to be in the exchange. The only thing that I can tell now is that there are a lot of things in the pipeline, and hopefully, we will have great news very soon.

This has been the 16th Monetha’s Week In Review. We will come back next week with more news as always in this video blog. See you very soon. Bye bye.