May 14, 2018 #MTHWeekInReview

Monetha’s Co-Founders are in New York for the blockchain week | #WeekInReview047

Quick Version

0:07 – Monetha Co-Founders are in New York for “blockchain week”
0:40 – Monetha blog and shared articles: trust, reputation, smart contracts
1:17 – Consensus conference, business meetings and Monetha community meetups


Hi Monetha friends, welcome to Monetha’s Week In Review number 47.

This week, all three Co-Founders of Monetha are in New York, New York, where a very interesting week, a blockchain week is happening and of course, the main attraction, the main event is Consensus. So, we are going to be there for the whole three days, educating ourselves, networking, having business meetings, and if You want to talk about Monetha, if You want to discuss what our project is all about and what future holds for us, don’t hesitate to approach us, we are more than interested to talk with the blockchain community.

When it comes to our Software Development Office in Vilnius, Lithuania, we have pushed out a lot of content this week, because we want to educate our crowd, we want to educate our community about the importance of trust in e-commerce. That’s why we have written a few blogs and also shared a few external sources of information about the importance of ratings, the importance of reputation systems and how we are changing this industry. So, if You want to educate Yourself, these outlets, these informational blogs are very effective.

This is it for this, Monetha’s Week In Review, we will present You with much more video footage from the Consensus next week. Actually, Consensus is some sort of a tipping point and an event that really sets the tone over what happens over the next 365 days, Consensus and Devcon. So, we’re really excited about this event, as mentioned, we’re going to participate, we are more than happy to speak with the blockchain community, with Monetha’s community which we’re shortly going to meet in New York.

So, next week, wait for these news and we will see You in seven days. Bye-Bye!